Married To A Balla

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Married to A Balla
by Jackie D
Life Changing Books


“Skye you really know how to throw a party, although Sandino’s ungrateful-ass doesn’t deserve it, or you for that matter,” Asia stated.

“Asia please, I asked you not to start tonight. My fucking feet hurt and I’m not in the mood. Plus you know I had to beg him to let you come tonight. Sandino hated Asia’s whorish ways.

Asia rolled her eyes. She hated the way Skye let him control her. She didn’t care how much money he had. In her heart, Skye could do much better. “Fuck Sandino. He may own you, but he don’t own me. When do you plan to leave…”

“Is this where the real party is?” a male voice suddenly interrupted.

Skye and Asia both smiled at the handsome, light-skinned brotha standing in the kitchen doorway wearing what looked like a white Versace suit.

“Party over hurrr!” Asia yelled raising her hands in the air with her drink. “Damn, he’s a looker,” Asia whispered. “Who is he?” Every now and then her country Texas slang would come out.


“That’s Keon, Sandino’s new trainer. He trains all the top ball players in the league. He is definitely paid. I saw him pull up in the new Porsche Spyder.”

“Damn, hook me up Skye,” Asia replied.

When Keon walked in the kitchen and joined the ladies, Asia licked her full lips. Yeah, I knew that was Versace, she thought getting a closer look at his suit.

“Keon this is my good friend Asia, and Asia this is Keon,” Skye greeted.

“Hello, it’s nice to finally meet you. I’ve seen you around and always wanted to holla, but you always had a man in your face,” Keon said to Asia with a wink.

Asia forcefully grabbed his hand looking for a wedding band. When she didn’t see one, she pulled him closer to her. “Well, I damn sure never seen you before. Nice to meet you too boo,” she said grinning.

Skye shook her head then smiled. Asia was certainly over the top, which a huge personality, but she loved her no less.

The three sat talking as Asia and Keon flirted back and forth with each other. Moments later, Asia excused herself to use the bathroom.

Keon grabbed Skye’s hand mimicking Asia, “Nice to meet you too boo. Your friend is something else,” he teased.

They both laughed. “Yes, she is,” Skye replied.

“So Skye, how did a nice, beautiful woman like you end up with a man like Sandino Washington?”

Skye looked at him funny. “A man like…”

She stopped in mid-sentence with a frightening expression on her face when she saw Sandino staring at her through the window. His eyes were cold as he walked toward the door.

Little did she know, Sandino had become angry after walking around for the past thirty minutes looking for her. Now, to find her up in another man’s face was a no-no, especially since he hadn’t invited Keon in the first place.

Sandino burst through the door eyeballing his new trainer. “Nigga what the fuck you doing all up on my wife?”

Everyone knew Skye was his prized precession, and that Sandino was extremely jealous. But Keon obviously hadn’t gotten the memo.

“Sandino man, it’s not like that,” Keon said moving away.

Without hesitation, Skye jumped up and ran toward her husband. She grabbed his hand and gently massaged it.

“Baby, let’s not fight tonight, we were just talking,” she pleaded. “Besides, we have guests.”

Sandino yanked his hand away and grabbed her by the arm. “Oh, so you must wanna fuck ‘em since you tryna take up for this nigga!”

Skye frantically shook her head. “No of course not. Baby, please don’t do this.”

Seconds later, Cruze came running in the kitchen. “Come on Sandino, let’s take a walk outside.”

Sandino let go of Skye’s arm, but still hadn’t calmed down. “Naw fuck that Cruze, this nigga tryna play me!” he shouted then staggered back and forth.

“Look, I’ll handle him later Sandino, you’ve had too much to drink, let’s chill and enjoy the rest of the night. Your wife went through a lot of trouble to prepare this party for you.”
Cruze knew his friend was about to explode at any minute. He was trying his best to calm him down, but he also didn’t know how much longer he could deal with Sandino’s abusive behavior. His friend had gotten way out of control.

Suddenly, Sandino jumped back in Keon’s face. “Muthafucka, I did my research on you. I know your track record; how you got the last player’s wife pregnant. Not to mention I heard you damn near stalk all the NFL wives. Well, that shit ain’t goin’ down ova here!” Sandino was so close to Keon, he was now spitting in his face.

“Sandino, that’s some bullshit, I would never disrespect you or any other player like that,” Keon replied. “I’ve worked too hard for my reputation to be on the line.”

“Oh yeah, well fuck you and your reputation,” Sandino shot back. Then out of the blue… on Facebook

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