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Entangled In Freedom: A Civil War Story
The Street Life Series Youth Edition
Ann DeWitt and Kevin M. Weeks


Travel with 22 year old Isaac through the dirt streets of Oxford (Georgia), Big Shanty (Georgia) and on over to Cumberland Gap (Tennessee) as he serves with the 42nd Regiment Georgia Volunteers.  Decades after Daniel Boone blazed the Wilderness Trail, witness how Isaac is front and center as the Confederate and Union armies skirmish for strategic supply lines required for outlying Civil War battle campaigns.  Also, decipher the mitigating factors contributing to Isaac going to war with Abraham Green, a yeoman farmer and slaveholder of Isaac. This human-interest centric novel further explores the intertwined relationship between master, slave, and the dynamics leading up to a Confederate Congress proposal to enlist African-American troops in the latter part of the American Civil War.  Like never before, this electrifying page turner sparks novice readers and Civil War zealots alike into debating the best kept factual secrets concerning African-American Confederate soldiers.



Commemorating the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War, first time novelist Ann DeWitt, a native of South Carolina, teams with veteran author Kevin M. Weeks, a native of Philadelphia, to fuse their southern and northern perspectives on why some African Americans served with the Confederacy.  In October 2010, Ann DeWitt and Kevin M. Weeks received membership in the honorary Bonnie Blue Society for perpetuating the memory of the Confederate soldier in literary form. Kevin M. Weeks has also penned crime and urban fiction novels for which he received an African-American Pavilion at BookExpo 2009 Urban Book Series of the Year award as well as numerous regional book awards.


"Ostensibly a Young Adult novel, this is engaging and illuminating enough for the general reader. History is an ongoing narrative and to hear the voices of black confederate soldiers as they interact with white ones rivets the attention." ~The US Review of Books


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The Street Life Series: Is It Passion or Revenge?
by Kevin M. Weeks

Xlibris Corporation

“MosaicBooks Bestselling Author Kevin M. Weeks returns with an INTENSIFIED mixture of HOMICIDE and HEATED PASSION that may lead Teco Jackson right into the path of a woman with one thing on her mind, REVENGE!” -- Reviewer: Heather Covington, national best selling author, and Founder of YOUnity Guild of America


“Weeks’ second entry in his self-published "Street Life" series (after Is It Suicide or Murder?) mixes gritty street-lit action with hints of a police procedural that will appeal to both urban fiction fans and readers of African American mysteries.” -- Library Journal


Apple iTunes iMix Playlist for the top 20 songs in the novel "The Street Life Series: Is It Passion or Revenge?"

Book Description

When the pieces of a masterfully crafted puzzle are scattered all over Washington D.C. and P.G. County Maryland, quick witted and statuesque D.C. Detective Hanae Troop must uncover who is responsible for leaving colorful deadly weapons at each crime scene. The killer, who goes by the name of The Paradox, is on a mission to murder D.C.’s #1 male exotic dancers, all for a personal vendetta that stretches all the way back to Philadelphia.

For sure, the Feds are out to take over the case from D.C.’s Homicide Division. The outstanding reputation of the department rests on the shoulders of Detective Troop. Will she discover that the killings are tied to Teco Jackson, who is known as a snitch in the City of Brotherly Love? Or will Detective Troop find that these crimes stem from a jealous rage?

One thing is certain. Teco is wedged in the middle of the Chocolate City’s most infamous murders; and Detective Troop has to decide if she is going to cuff Teco or protect him. Ultimately, she finds herself in a strange predicament when she comes face to face with The Paradox. The question remains, are these crimes of passion or revenge?

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  EXCERPT - is it passion or revenge  

Kevin M. Weeks' personal story is just as intriguing and suspenseful as his mystery series. He was born the second of four children in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He spent most of his youth in and out of foster homes and juvenile detention centers.  Deep inside he always knew he would be accomplished, especially when he was chosen to be in a documentary for the Boys Village of Maryland, a youth facility of the Maryland State Department of Juvenile Services.

Because he received his GED as a young adult, he is a proponent of Adult Education and tutors anyone who will accept help. Mr. Weeks continues to promote literacy and believes in continued education. He received a diploma in Evangelism from the Berean Bible Institute in 2005.

Kevin M. Weeks is the author of The Street Life Series®, which was registered as a trademark by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in January 2008. The Street Life Series® is a collection of Crime Fiction novels and is also categorized as African American Literature under Urban Fiction.

His debut novel, The Street Life Series: Is It Suicide or Murder?, was published by Xlibris Corporation in September 2006. Kevin M. Weeks received the following recognition for Is It Suicide or Murder?: 2007 New York Book Festival Award, 2007 Bestseller, YOUnity Guild of America Best New Urban Author of the Year 2006, 2007 Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention and 2007 Do It Yourself Book Festival Honorable Mention.

Weeks’ sophomore novel, The Street Life Series: Is It Passion or Revenge?, was published by Xlibris Corporation in January 2008. This novel was featured in the debut Library Journal Street Lit Book Review column (February 2008):

Also, Mr. Weeks has memberships and subscriptions with Georgia Lawyers for the Arts (Artist Level), PEN American Center (Associate), PMA: the Independent Book Publishers Association (Member), Writers Guild of America: East, and YOUnity Guild of America.

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