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25 Success Principles: For Creating a Totally New You
by Kevin J. Houston
K & K Houston


25 Success Principles is definitely not the last motivational success book you will read, but this book will change how you view success. The principles in this book will make you think; re-evaluate your life, the success you have achieved or the lack thereof.

Success is something that you obtain and not something that you just learn. To achieve success in your life you need to learn the principles or precepts that will help you achieve good success.


Winning the lottery or hitting the jackpot is not success, but success is when three to five years have passed, and you are not broke or without money. Success is what you have done with that money to make life better for yourself and others.

Therefore, in this book “25 Success Principles” you will learn how to define true success and how to achieve and maintain this success in your life.

So read, understand and enjoy the principles and teachings of this life-changing book.


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About The Author
Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Kevin was the youngest of two brothers and one sister. Growing up, he was always a child who was striving for good things in life. Kevin was a natural leader and was constantly helping his peers achieve greater things in life. Kevin started writing positive and motivating material as early as age 10. He would write encouraging poems and songs. Then, at the age of 13, Kevin wrote and directed his first play in his Middle school English class. These different events in life are what he credits to him now wanting to write and be involved with motivating and encouraging people.

Kevin has experienced a lot throughout his life, in which he feels compelled to share with others through his speaking and writing. The wisdom and knowledge he has gained through his trials and tribulations, Kevin feels he has something to share with others, to help them in their lives. His life goal is to be a motivation and encouragement to people whom he meets in life. His saying is; “You cannot change a person, but you can inspire a person to change.” on Facebook

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