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God Don't Make No Mistakes
by Mary Monroe

Dafina Books

In the sparkling conclusion to Mary Monroe’s bestselling God series, two forever friends face their biggest betrayals yet and learn that putting your trust in the wrong hands can change your life forever…

These days, Annette Goode Davis has a full plate—literally and figuratively. Although she’s trying to reconcile with her husband, Pee Wee, she’s still seeing other men on the side. A woman’s got to cover her bases, right? With her love life hopping, Annette should be pleased as punch. Instead, the stress has her eating everything in sight and packing on the pounds.

Meanwhile, Annette’s best friend, Rhoda O’Toole, has her hands full dealing with her wild child daughter, Jade. When Jade’s antics almost cost Rhoda her man, Rhoda throws her out. But Jade soon finds a way to make Rhoda regret her choice…

Annette thanks her lucky stars that her daughter, Charlotte, has her head on straight. And she’s doubly blessed to have a strait-laced neighbor look after Charlotte when she’s caught up in Pee Wee and Rhoda’s problems. But when Annette’s world is rocked by a terrible revelation, she’ll discover that appearances can be very, very deceiving—and she’ll have to summon every ounce of strength to protect the ones she loves.

MARY MONROE, the daughter of sharecroppers, is the author of the award-winning and New York Times bestselling God series that includes God Don’t Like Ugly and God Ain’t Through Yet, among other novels. The winner of the PEN/Oakland Josephine Miles Award, Mary Monroe currently lives in Oakland, California, and loves to hear from her readers via e-mail at




Don't Tell A Soul
by Tiffany L. Warren

Dafina Books

“Inspirational fiction done right.” --ReShonda Tate Billingsley, Essence® bestselling author

In this powerful new novel, the trio of faithful friends from Tiffany L. Warren’s inspirational bestseller What a Sista Should Do are older—but are they wiser?...

Once successful, Pam Lyon’s husband, Troy, has blown their fortune. Now he’s hustling to make a comeback. But his partner, Logan, is more interested in connecting with Pam—and soon he crosses a line that will challenge Pam’s marriage…

Taylor Oldman’s ex, Luke, is finally out of prison and wants a relationship with their eleven-year-old son. But newly remarried Taylor doesn't want Luke in her life. The problem is, the boy is acting out—and Luke is the only one who can reach him. Can Taylor forgive Luke for the sake of their child?...

Recently divorced, Yvonne Hastings is lonely for the first time in years. She finds solace by befriending new church member Eva Logan. Eva is trying to leave behind her scandalous past, but it seems she can’t let go of everything. And when her behavior starts to affect Yvonne, she’ll have to reflect on what it means to be a good friend in and out of church…

As their personal lives test them like never before, can these three women find a way to keep the faith—and their friendship?...

Praise for Tiffany L. Warren
“What a Sista Should Do is a poignant story about faith, friendship and forgiveness.” --The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers




The Other Side of Dare: A Blessed Trinity Novel
by Vanessa Davis Griggs

Dafina Books

“I absolutely love Vanessa’s unique writing style.” —Mary Monroe

When a battle of wills threatens to tear a family apart, a child shall lead them—straight to a shocking secret. Will they betray their faith—and each other—to keep it buried?

After seven years of marriage, Paris Simmons-Holyfield and her husband, Andrew, are still childless. Now Paris is determined to adopt orphaned nine-year-old Jasmine Noble. Trouble is, Jasmine’s in the custody of ex-stripper Gabrielle Mercedes. Worse, Andrew is vehemently against the idea—and he's not alone. Paris's father, Lawrence Simmons, a powerful politician, has vowed to shut his daughter down. The only man to even dare be on Paris’s side is shady Darius Connors. Unemployed and not quite out of the dog house with his wife, Darius is more than happy to help the beautiful, vulnerable, yet undeterred Paris...

Paris has her suspicions about why her husband and her father are so opposed to the adoption. But the reality is far more scandalous than she imagines. To get to the bottom of it, she'll have to deal with blackmail from the last person she ever expected—and battle Gabrielle, who’ll fight with everything she’s got—including the truth. Soon, all involved will learn just what's on the other side of dare...

Vanessa Davis Griggs is a motivational speaker and the author of over a dozen novels which include The Blessed Trinity series—Blessed Trinity, Strongholds, If Memory Serves, Practicing What You Preach, Goodness and Mercy, The Truth Is the Light, and The Other Side of Goodness—Ray of Hope, Redeeming Waters, and Forever Soul Ties. A recipient of several awards, this married mother of three adult sons and grandmother of two adorable granddaughters lives in Birmingham, Alabama. Visit her online at


Make Me Yours
by Sophia Shaw

Dafina Books

“Shaw writes appealing characters and realistic emotions.”--Publishers Weekly

A free-spirited woman…
Photographer Rebecca Isles is finally ready to leave her native Jamaica. Since her mother's death, Rebecca has become a force of nature, escaping her grief with work and craving adventure. Now, with a new project in the States, she plans to discover what awaits her beyond her island paradise…

A man with a plan…
Chad Irvine knows exactly what he wants: family life in the ‘burbs with the right woman. But the woman he imagines is nothing like the one he meets in South Carolina. Rebecca is spontaneous and irresistible. After a steamy encounter, neither can forget the other. And when they meet again months later, it seems they won't have to. But their second chance turns risky once Rebecca tries to end things with another man. With danger following them, they’ll have to decide whether to take opposite paths—or take a chance on a future together...

Praise for Sophia Shaw
“An entertaining story.”--RT Book Reviews on All Caught Up
“A satisfying read.” --Kayla Perrin, USA Today bestselling author on Shades and Shadows

Sophia Shaw's love for romance novels motivated her to write a story of her own. The result was her first book, Shades and Shadows. She holds a Bachelors degree in psychology and sociology from the University of Toronto, and lives in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, with her daughters Sierra and Naima. Visit her online at




Playing the Hand You're Dealt
by Trice Hickman

Dafina Books

Sometimes the simple truth is the hardest to face…

From her old-fashioned name to her gentle nature, everyone in Emily Eloise Snow’s Atlanta, Georgia, hometown knows her as a sweet young woman who always does what’s right. That’s how her widowed mother raised her. But when Emily’s mother dies, her quiet life is shaken to its core, leaving her devastated—and ready for a fresh start. With the encouragement of her bolder, wilder best friend, Samantha, Emily moves to Washington, D.C. Samantha is sure D.C. will bring Emily her heart’s desire. But that’s exactly what Emily is afraid of…

Since she was eighteen, Emily has fought a fierce longing even Samantha doesn’t know about—a love for a man that would break just about every rule she’s spent her life following. And each step closer to D.C. is a step closer to him—and a choice that could destroy not just her life as she knows it, but the image of the woman, and the friend, everyone believes her to be. Now, facing the ultimate test, only Emily can decide if the losses will be worth the gains...

“I can't wait to see what Trice Hickman does next!” —Mary Monroe
“Another wonderful, emotionally-charged page-turner by Trice Hickman.” –Urban Reviews
“Will keep you guessing straight through to the explosive ending.” –Victoria Christopher Murray

TRICE HICKMAN is an award-winning and bestselling author. Prior to becoming a published author, Trice worked in management positions in higher education as well as corporate America. She holds a BA degree from Winston-Salem State University and an MA degree from Wake Forest University. Visit Trice online at




by Pat G'Orge-Walker
Dafina Books

Two church-ladies-turned-sleuths are sure to raise more than a little hell when they decide to make crime-solving miracles in this hilarious new novel…

They’ve been laid off, they’re broke, and their faith is really being tried. But dedicated
Mount Kneel Down Baptist Church members Patience Kash and Joy Karry figure now is the perfect time to pursue their other true calling—becoming private detectives. And if that means putting up with their thug-wannabe cousin Porky’s delusions while hilariously interfering with their famous detective godson Percy’s investigations, it’s still a heaven-sent opportunity to hear all the town dirt and find customers…

When a thief steals the prized family Bible right out from under Porky’s nose and church funds are missing on Patience’s watch, these sisters-in-God find themselves sleuthing out the strangest family and church secrets—and up against someone more than ready to send them to their heavenly reward. Now, they’ll need their most inspired hunches, their not-real-fierce dog Felony, and their license-to-missionary to uncover the truth and crack this holy case. . .

“Walker shines a little light on a wacky family reunion with her usual inspirational, knee-slapping style.” —Publishers Weekly on Don't Blame the Devil

“Deeply entertaining…a rip-roaringly comical read.” —The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers on Mother Eternal Ann Everlastin’s Dead

“A comic novel about mistakes and second chances.” —Library Journal on Don't Blame the Devil

Pat G’Orge-Walker is the Essence® bestselling author of No Ordinary Noel, Don’t Blame the Devil; Somebody’s Sinning in My Bed; Somewhat Saved; Cruisin’ on Desperation; Mother Eternal Ann Everlastin’s Dead; Sister Betty, God’s Calling You, Again!; and contributed a short story to the anthology Proverbs for the People. Growing up a preacher’s kid gave G’Orge-Walker a quirky perspective on the church community and inspired her to create a one-woman comedy show centering on Sister Betty, an elderly super saint whose un-Christian-like behavior blocks her blessings. With the success of the Sister Betty comedy show, G’Orge-Walker turned her humor and imagination to writing. She resides in Long Island, New York, with husband Rob. Visit her online at,, and follow her on Twitter @pgorgewalker.




Sexy Little Liar
The Misadventures of Mink LaRue
by Noire

Dafina Books

“Urban Erotica has never been hotter!” —Nikki Turner

She seduced Texas’s richest oil family out of a fortune. But now petty thief and ex-stripper Mink LaRue has a rival for the ultimate temptation…

It didn’t take long for Mink LaRue to blow all the money she conned pretending to be the missing oil heiress Sable Dominion. And now that a sweet chunk of the huge Dominion family trust fund is up for grabs, nothing can stop her from going in hard for even more. Trouble is, her drug-dealing ex-boyfriend and the Dominion’s irresistible eldest son, Barron, want to take Mink down in as many ways as possible. Even Barron’s scheming fiancée is working overtime to expose Mink and bulldoze over her house of lies. But for Mink, the most dangerous opposition to her devious plan is the new pretender who’s come to town…and she looks—and lies—exactly like Mink!

Now, if the sexy little liar is going to get her hands on the Dominion fortune and come out on top, she will have to make friends out of enemies and click up with a few very powerful haters. And knowing the insatiable Mink, she’ll gamble everything to keep her conniving house of cards from tumbling all the way down...

“Noire is a force to be reckoned with in the urban erotic genre.” —Urban Reviews
“Noire is Dickens for the age of dojah, donuts and dawgs.” —Publishers Weekly

NOIRE is editor-in-chief of, the Queen of Urban Erotica, the #1 Essence® bestselling author of Unzipped, Hittin’ the Bricks, G-Spot, Candy Licker, Thug-A-Licious, Baby Brother (with 50 Cent), Thong on Fire, Hood, novellas in Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless and Maneater, and the editor of a collection of urban erotic quickies, From the Streets to the Sheets. She is also the author of the first urban erotic serial novel, G-Spot 2: The Seven Deadly Sins. Visit Noire online at, or email her at




by Grace Octavia

Dafina Books

“Entertaining and packed with drama.” --RT Book Reviews

They’re gorgeous, sophisticated, and successful—but the lives of these three New York City “It Girls” are about to be turned upside down…

With her career as an attorney on the rise, and her millionaire boyfriend about to propose, Tamia has it all. Then she meets Malik, a sexy Harlem brother who makes her second-guess everything. Love struck, Tamia’s on a mission to convince Malik to stop playing hard to get and come along for the ride…

Since she married a pastor, Troy has gone from smokin’ hottie to Bible-quoting church lady. Everyone thinks Troy is happy until some dirty secrets turn her life—and her marriage—upside down…

As the wife of a pro basketball player and mother of two, Tasha has traded her fabulous city life for the suburbs. Bored and starving for action, Tasha’s desires spin out of control, and she finds that being the new “It Girl” has its drawbacks…

“Octavia gives Sex and the City a smart Afrocentric update.” --Publishers Weekly

“It’s clear that Octavia is talented with a great imagination and storytelling ability." --RT Book Review

GRACE OCTAVIA is a native of Westbury, New York. Her writing has appeared in Sisterfriends by Michele Agins and Julia Chance and Rolling Out magazine, where she was Editor-in-Chief. She is currently working on her Ph.D. at Georgia State University in Atlanta. Visit her online at




A Morgan Man Novel
by Zuri Day

Dafina Books

“Engaging, entertaining, and just a tad bit naughty.” —Rochelle Alers, national bestselling author

In this sexy page-turning tale of unexpected love, Zuri Day introduces the Morgan men, three fine brothers who have it all—except what their mama wants most for them: wives. As the eldest, it’s up to Michael to pave the way. If only he’d stop running from love…

In the world of sports management, Michael Morgan is a superstar. But his newest client, Shayna Washington, may be his most lucrative catch yet. The record-breaking sprinter with the tight chocolate body has a talent and inner light Michael knows he can get the world to sit up and notice. She’s definitely got his attention. But while Shayna may be physically strong, she’s also vulnerable. And when a frightening chapter from her past catches up with her, Shayna needs someone to lean on. Now, it’s Michael’s turn to be the strong one—and suddenly the sworn bachelor finds his focus changing from races and endorsement deals to a finish line called love.

“Lovin’ Blue is funny and bright with serious undertones and lessons big and small about the importance of accepting the past.” —RT Book Reviews

“The pages of Body By Night are dripping with fire and desire.” —The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

ZURI DAY has been enthralled with the wonder of words since mouthing her first one—Tuffy, the name of the family dog—at less than a year old. When not penning novels, she’s a voracious reader and world traveler, always ready to search out the next exciting locale for a juicy story. When she comes home, it’s to Southern California, where she enjoys theatre, sports, working out, and whipping up vegetarian meals for her family and friends. Visit her online at




Warlord of Willow Ridge
by Gary Phillips

Dafina Books


All the miles. All the blood. All has led him here. Looking for a place to hole up, O’Conner—with nothing to his name but a failing motorcycle, a gun, and uncollected debts—lies low in the last place he thought he’d end up: the suburbs. But Willow Ridge, once an exclusive gated community, is now tarnished and crumbling. Ordinary citizens cling to their worthless homes while society’s outcasts—and O’Conner is no exception—creep in to fill the gaps.

O’Conner’s style has always been more shoot-and-run, but this time he stays, getting involved with the Ridge’s residents—discovering criminal behavior can happen anywhere. Homeowners dangle at the ends of their financial rope, gangs clash over Willow Ridge territory, housewives set their sights on him, and O’Conner is thrust into an inescapable tangle of passion, betrayal, and violence. When all-out war breaks out between the Mas Trece and Vandal Vikings gangs, fueled by treachery shockingly close to home, O’Conner is forced to make life-or-death decisions about his newfound neighbors. The American Dream is in flames…and he wonders if he’ll still be standing when the smoke clears.

“Honesty, distinctive characters, absurdity and good writing—are here in Phillips’s work.” —The Washington Post

“Gary Phillips writes tough and gritty parables about life and death on the mean streets.” —Michael Connelly

Gary Phillips has been a community organizer, state director of a political action committee, run nonprofits, and delivered dog cages. A winner of the Chester Himes Award, he is also the author of the Martha Chainey series for Kensington and such novels as Bangers, Freedom’s Fight, and The Underbelly, as well as editor of the bestselling anthologies Orange County Noir and Scoundrels: Tales of Money, Murder and Malfeasance. Visit him online at



Divine Intervention
by Lutisha Lovely

Dafina Books

The first family of the Mount Zion Progressive Baptist Church lives to preach. But when it comes to practice, they could use a little divine intervention…

Minister King Brook’s daughter, Princess, is about to marry the man she thinks she loves…until a disaster leaves her lavish wedding—and her life—in shambles. Her ex, Kelvin, has returned to win her back. Her fiancée, Rafael, is determined to tie the knot. And when Princess’s grandfather, the Reverend Doctor Pastor Bishop Overseer Mister Stanley Obadiah Meshach Brook, Jr., adds his own unexpected contribution to the matrimonial mayhem, all you-know-what breaks loose…

Meanwhile, Princess’s mother, Tai, is working hard to keep it all together. As if her daughter’s wedding bell blues aren’t enough, menopause has her losing her sex drive, gaining weight, and battling insecurities. But King’s too busy to talk, her mother-in-law is in a fight of her own, and her best friend is dealing with a major family crisis. Tai learns that when God is all you’ve got, He’s all you need. All, that is, except some decisions and some actions that aren’t always so divine…

“There’s drama, laughter, and a little bit of naughtiness. All Up In My Business was an exceptional read.” —Urban Reviews

“Lovely gives her readers a mouth-dropping, laughing, Oh-My-Goodness story.” —APOOO Book Club on Mind Your Own Business

Lutishia Lovely burst onto the literary scene with Sex In the Sanctuary and now, more than a dozen books later, hasn’t even thought about slowing down. When not writing contemporary fiction, she lends her muse to her alter-ego, Zuri Day, and writes steamy romances. But all work and no play makes Tish a dull girl so she knows how to put down the pen and pick up a good time, which isn’t hard to do in southern California’s wine country, where she resides. Lutishia loves to hear from readers, so visit her online at, or on Facebook or Twitter @lutishialovely.




A Gangster and A Gentleman
by Kiki Swinson & De'Nesha Diamond

Dafina Books


National bestselling authors Kiki Swinson and De’nesha Diamond bring you two irresistible novellas about men so bad, they’re everything you don’t need—and exactly what you want…

I Need a Gangsta
Melody Goldman isn’t about to let her rich, cheating, ungrateful husband walk out and leave her with nothing. Fortunately, ex-con Scotty Harris has no problem disposing of her problems in exchange for plenty of cold, hard cash—and hot, hard sexing. But when Scotty crosses one line too many, Melody’s revenge will be a hustle he never saw coming …

Gentlemen Prefer Bullets
Successful publicist Blake Scott survived by playing the Hollywood game…and keeping far, far away from her gangsta kingpin father. But now the only person who can protect her is his enforcer, Eli Hardwick. Good thing this thug cleans up real nice—and is even better when he gets down and dirty …

“Kiki captures the heat of the streets.” —Wahida Clark

“Diamond's hairpin plot twists, snappy dialogue, sultry sex scenes, and colorful, often hilarious characters keep the pages turning.” —Publishers Weekly on Heist

KIKI SWINSON discovered her flair for writing after completing her first novel, Mad Shambles, while serving a five-year sentence at a federal prison. After being released, Kiki self-published Mad Shambles. Her passion for writing didn’t stop there. Writing feverishly into the wee hours of the night, she completed her second novel, Wifey, which became the first book in one of today’s best-selling street lit series. Taking a break from the series, Kiki also wrote A Sticky Situation, The Candy Shop, Still Candy Shopping, Playing Dirty, Notorious, Wife Extraordinaire, and New York’s Finest, as well as novellas in Sleeping with the Enemy and Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless. Visit Kiki online at

National bestselling author DE’NESHA DIAMOND burst onto the scene as the co-author of the gritty Desperate Hoodwives tales. The Essence® magazine recommended series has taken the street-lit game by storm and paved a brand-new path for the edgy Memphis native. De’nesha Diamond spins cautionary tales inspired by personal experience and the heartbreaking stories that make our nightly news. Visit De’nesha online at




Almost Doesn't Count
by Angela Winters

Dafina Books


Amid the glitz and glam of Washington, D.C.’s elite circle of movers and shakers are three ambitious ladies reaching for the top—and ready to face any obstacle in their way…

Switching from life on the White House fast track to stay-at-home mom doesn’t quite suit Sherise—especially once she suspects her husband is having an affair. And when she receives a threatening note, it’s clear someone wants revenge—but who, and for what?….When successful lawyer Billie gets romantically involved with a client who might be involved in a drug operation, she discovers she may have made a fatal mistake—and far more than her career is on the line….Juggling her work at the Pentagon with her personal life is turning out to be more complicated—and more dangerous—than Erica expected. When her little brother gets pulled into the fray, Erica will have to make a life-changing choice….Between conniving exes, power hungry bosses, meddling relatives, and secrets that just won’t stay hidden, these ladies are making their own personal headlines—in the world’s most news-making city…

Praise for Angela Winters
“…full of believable drama…” --Romantic Times on Back on Top

“A Dynasty-esque mix of money, power, sex, and crime.” on View Park

National bestselling author ANGELA WINTERS is a leadership executive living in the Washington, D.C. area. She is a member of several writers’ groups, and is hard at work on her next novel. Visit Angela online at or Twitter @AuthorAngWin.




Another Man Will
by Daaimah S. Poole

Dafina Books


Essence® bestselling author Daaimah S. Poole serves up a sexy tale of three sisters who long for the successful marriage their parents have—and a man as good as their father. But once they stop looking for Mr. Right, surprising things start happening…

Dana Turner is tired of watching her co-workers get married and wondering what she’s
missing… Single mother Crystal Turner works triple-overtime to give her three children a good life… And Yvette Turner’s marriage just imploded, taking all her hard-earned money with it. These sisters can’t wait any longer for some good black men to sweep them off their feet. It’s time to try something new …

With her new attitude, Dana can’t resist a sizzling connection with a handsome white accountant—even though the perfect brother just walked into her life. Meanwhile, Crystal is gambling big-time that her struggling ex-classmate will be the answer to her prayers. And with a dashing older man unexpectedly courting her, Yvette must choose between stability and playing the field. Soon, all three will learn that real love comes in different forms—and what one man won’t provide, another man will…

"A definite must read." --Candice Dow on Somebody Else’s Man

“Colorful … if you love scandal, this is the book for you!” --Anna J on A Rich Man’s Baby

“Everything that glitters damn sure ain’t gold in Daaimah’s new delivery of drama!” --Miasha

DAAIMAH S. POOLE is a mother and Temple University graduate with a degree in journalism. She began writing her first novel, Yo Yo Love, at age nineteen while working as a receptionist at her aunt’s beauty salon. Rave reviews from her aunt’s clients encouraged her to seek a publisher, which she did, and so began a very promising writing career. Daaimah is a Philadelphia native. Visit her at





Red Hot
by Niobia Bryant

Dafina Books

“Niobia Bryant enthralls readers.” --Books2Mention Magazine

Is a real man too hot for a pampered diva to handle?...

For Kaitlyn Strong, life has been a fun-filled free ride, all expenses paid by her wealthy father. As for relationships, why would Kaitlyn want to give up the fabulous single life? But after she goes on her most outrageous spending bender yet, she’s informed it’s time to make her own way. For a shocked Kaitlyn, that means getting a job—and an affordable apartment to go with it…

Hard-working single father Quinton Wells is proud of his job looking after a small apartment building. But he’s never met a demanding diva like his new tenant, Kaitlyn. Yet despite their verbal clashes, there’s a sizzling attraction between them. And there’s a budding friendship between Kaitlyn and Quint’s preteen daughter, who needs a woman in her life. Quint needs a woman in his life too, and as the red hot desire between him and Kaitlyn builds, the only choice left is to surrender…

“Bryant reintroduces her readers to the Strong family in her latest novel, which has all of her trademarks: hot men, spicy women and a sexually captivating story.” --Romantic Times on Hot Like Fire

NIOBIA BRYANT is the national bestselling and award-winning author of more than twenty-five “Sexy, Funny & Oh So Real” novels. As Meesha Mink, she’s the author of the Real Wifeys series and also the bestselling co-author of Desperate Hoodwives, Shameless Hoodwives, and The Hood Life. A proud native of Newark, New Jersey, Niobia currently resides in South Carolina where she writes full-time. For more on this author who “can’t stop, won’t stop,” visit and





Pretty Boy Problems
by Michele Grant

Dafina Books


Responsible, mature, employed…everything Avery Beauregard Montgomery is not. Instead, Beau is a natural born charmer. He has breezed through life on his dazzling looks, six-pack abs, and sparkling personality. But this pretty boy’s luck has run out. Fed up with his freeloading and philandering ways, his brother and sister-in-law are turning on the tough love and turning him out of their house. For Beau, that just means moving on to the next…

Beau shows up at his sister’s Dallas condo with nowhere else to go and no idea what to do with his life. Suitcase in hand, he stumbles in to find not his sister but a bathing beauty. Someone super-model gorgeous with attitude, skepticism, and no time for trifling pretty boys. Belle, his sister’s new business partner, has already claimed the guest room and Beau’s imagination. All it takes is one look for Beau to want to do some claiming of his own. Now that Beau finally knows who and what he wants, what will it take to get Belle on the same page?

Praise for Michele Grant’s Sweet Little Lies
“A sassy ‘he said/she said’ romance.” —Publishers Weekly
“A funny, fast-paced romance.” —RT Book Reviews

Michele Grant is a writer, lover of all things purple, and speaker of mind. Her popular blog, Black ’n Bougie (, is an irreverent look at pop culture, people, politics & personal stuff...with a bougie twist, and attracts over 30,000 visits a week. The blog won the 2010 Black Weblog Award for Best Series and was named a finalist in 2011 for the categories Best Writing in a Blog, Best Series, and Blog of the Year. Her articles have been posted on,, The, and You can find her tweeting as @OneChele, on Facebook, at, or via email at




If I Can't Have You
by Mary B. Morrison

Dafina Books


What really makes a man plunge headlong into obsession? And what does he do past the point of no return? New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison delivers a seductive, mesmerizing tale of “love” gone dangerously wrong.

Loretta is my woman. She needs me. This is the mantra Granville Washington constantly repeats to himself and his family, who beg him to respect Loretta Lovelace’s demand that he leave her alone. Sure, Granville knows they’re as different as can be. He’s a construction worker, ball-and-chained to the Houston grid, while brilliant, beautiful Loretta is a pharmacist with a rich ex who generously takes care of her and their daughter. But Granville also knows she can’t resist the way he kisses every inch of her just right. And after only three weeks, Granville is sure she’s everything he desires in a wife. If Loretta only knew the real him, she’d realize they belong together. And he’ll do anything to make her his. Forever.

What part of “I’m not in a relationship with you,” didn’t Granville understand?
No matter how direct Loretta is, Granville just doesn’t get it. He was fine when it came to putting in overtime burning up the sheets, but that’s where their connection ends—or so she thinks. Once the stalking begins, Loretta files a protective order. She’s got a plan to take her life back. Her over-confident, gorgeous girlfriend Madison Tyler claims she can tame any man. Loretta, unable to resist the opportunity, dares Madison to prove she can tame Granville. But sexing Granville may cost Madison more than her engagement to the most eligible bachelor in Houston. . . .




The Other Side of Goodness
by Vanessa Davis Griggs
Dafina Books

“A great story about the power of God, His grace, and His ability to turn even the worst situation into a blessing.” —Kimberla Lawson Roby, New York Times bestselling author

How far will faith and love go when an ambitious man finds himself in the fight of his life—with a woman who knows the other side of goodness all too well…

Fifty-year-old Alabama congressman Lawrence Rudolph Simmons will do whatever it takes to get re-elected—even switch parties from Democrat to Republican. With the political tide turning, Lawrence feels it’s his best shot—along with his charisma, solid twenty-nine year marriage, and three great kids. But a buried secret from his past is about to be resurrected.…

It’s been eight years since Gabrielle Mercedes gave up her baby for adoption. But when she learns the child desperately needs a bone marrow transplant, she doesn’t hesitate to contact the congressman. Like Lawrence, Gabrielle will fight for what she wants, even if it means the truth could ruin someone else’s life and career….

“I absolutely love Vanessa’s unique writing style. She is one of a kind.” —Mary Monroe, New York Times bestselling author

“There are enough tears, hugs, and lessons learned before summer’s over to appease readers, young and adult, who like a good dose of faith with their fiction.” —Publishers Weekly on Ray of Hope

“A smart novel that addresses an issue that many in the church shy away from—divorce—with frank realism.”—Library Journal on Practicing What You Preach




Someone Bad and Something Blue
by Miranda Parker

Dafina Books

Beautiful, brainy, and tough-as-nails, single mom and bail recovery agent turned sleuth Angel Crawford has a lot on her plate. But between crime-solving and kindergarten carpool, it’s all in a day’s work.

Ordered to take a vacation, Angel gives in—and sets out to solve the mystery that’s got her living on the edge: a disturbing delivery and haunting message that transports her back to the tragic day her fiancé, Gabriel Hwang, was murdered. Convinced the trail to the killer is no longer cold after six long years, Angel embarks on a hunt for the truth that propels her into Atlanta’s secretive speakeasy society, the annual Running of the Brides, and a romp around a swamp with a handsome U.S. Marshal that may ruin her future with Pastor Justus Too-Hot-To-Be-Holy Morgan. That is, providing she has a future.

Praise for Miranda Parker’s A Good Excuse to Be Bad
“A fast-paced, kick butt, bad boy chase, sexy thrill ride. Can’t wait for the next manhunt.” —ReShonda Tate Billingsley

“Miranda Parker’s debut is deliciously fun! It has the perfect amount of intrigue, romance, action and all-out girl-power!”—Tiffany Warren, author of In the Midst of It All

“A surprise around every corner….The combination of juicy mystery and the drama of a mega-church is an unbeatable one that makes this novel a real page-turner.” —RT Book Reviews

MIRANDA PARKER worked as a features editor for various magazines and spent many years as a publicist for national recording artists, actors, ministers, and authors before turning to writing. Miranda is a member of Romance Writers of America, Georgia Writers Association, and International Thriller Writers. She resides with her family in Georgia near a horse ranch and her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop. On a perfect day, she can be found curled up with a good book or in a movie theater with a bucket of popcorn. Visit her online at




Keeping Score
by Regina Hart

Dafina Books

To be a pro b-ball champion takes endless drive and passion. But being a winner on the court can often mean losing off the court…

He’s an NBA legend, considered the best of the best. Now veteran player Warrick Evans is determined to lead his team all the way to the championship. It’s his last shot before he retires, but the media can’t get enough of his story—and all the attention is turning his teammates against him, not to mention his wife…

Dr. Marilyn Devry-Evans has always stood by her man, even when it meant standing in his shadow. Now she wants to focus on her own career, and on scoring her own dream job. But with the spotlight bearing down on them, Marilyn is reaching her breaking point. Especially when a secret comes to light—one that could destroy not only her career, but her marriage…

Praise for Regina Hart
“Sexy, fun, and fast-paced…a slam dunk!” —Kate Angell on Fast Break

Regina Hart loves a good romance and enjoys a good game. She always roots for the underdog--unless a New York team is favored. Her other hobbies include movies, music, hiking, and plotting NCAA conference realignments with her husband. Visit her website at





Mistress, Inc.
by Niobia Bryant

Dafina Books

“Bryant is an author who definitely knows how to tell a story.” —APOOO Book Club

From the author of Mistress No More comes a sexy, exciting novel about an ex-mistress who’s doing her best to give up her bad-girl ways…

When Jessa Bell revealed she was having an affair with one of her best friends’ husbands, no one would have predicted she’d soon be playing the part of the reformed mistress—least of all Jessa. But her experience—and ensuing remorse—has landed her on all the national talk shows and scored her a major book deal. Now that she’s pregnant with her ex-lover’s baby, Jessa’s determined to cash in on all the attention. Trouble is, she isn’t feeling much genuine regret.

Shunned by her former friends, Jessa is still being propositioned by married men—and decides to start a business to help wives catch their cheating husbands. But when more secrets about her past are exposed, it’s going to be tough for her to stay on the straight and narrow—even if it spells disaster for her future…

Praise for Niobia Bryant’s Message From a Mistress
“This novel is packed with unbelievable drama that will capture readers from page one." —Books2Mention Magazine


Falling Into Grace
by Michelle Stinson

Dafina Books

“Her spiritual perspective adds depth that has you pondering her characters long after the book is done.” —Tiffany L. Warren, author of In the Midst of It All

“Michelle Stimpson will have you laughing, crying and relating to each of her vivid, vocal characters.” —AAMBC Book Reviews

Camille Robertson had her fifteen minutes of fame in the late ’90s with the sexy R&B girl group Sweet Treats. Now she works as a telemarketer and longs for the past. With her thirtieth birthday around the corner, Camille is determined to break back into the music industry. But her new agent says her only chance is to reinvent herself—as a gospel singer. So Camille joins the nearest mega church, headed by handsome worship leader, Ronald Shepherd. She quickly wows the choir and orchestrates a plan to secretly record herself and make a demo. But when she and Ronald sing a duet together, it ignites a spark for them both—and leaves Camille conflicted.

Camille is grateful for the relationship developing with Ronald, but she’s not willing to let go of her dream—even if it means using him to get there. Before long, Camille finds herself betraying the people she cares about most. Can she have love, forgiveness, faith—and fame?

“Inspirational and full of hope.” —Urban Reviews on Last Temptation

“Michelle Stimpson does a wonderful job of creating characters that are believable and loveable.” —Good Girl Book Club

Hate List: Be Careful Who You Cross
by Reign

Dafina Books

“Fast-moving…full of suspense and shockers.” –APOOO Book Club

Everyone’s got enemies—but in this explicit street tale, one woman plans to do something about it…

When Yvonna’s ghetto fabulous world in Southeast D.C. is rocked after her father brutally murders her high school sweetheart, she learns a lot about the people around her and the secrets they keep—including one involving her best friend and deceased boyfriend.

Unable to move past her anger, Yvonna flees to Baltimore. But even four years later, the hate rages inside her. Angrier and crazier than ever, she decides to return home and exact revenge on those who made her list. She tackles her mission to destroy their lives—until she reaches the last name on the list. With him, her plans are difficult to carry out. Will the love she feels for him prevent her from following through? Or will old memories push her to go even further than she planned?...

“A shocking page-turner. Reign grabs the reader's attention…and doesn't let go until the very end.” —Urban Reviews




In Sheep's Clothing
by Mary Monroe

Dafina Books

“Monroe is a masterful storyteller.” —Philadelphia Inquirer

A restless young woman thinks she’s found a free ride to happiness and adventure. But it’s a trip that may land her in prison—or worse. . .

When Trudy Bell lands a job at a travel agency, she feels like a new woman. And her friendly personality soon wins her the adoration of her colleagues—with one exception. Ann Oliver, the only other African American employee, a high-level manager who despises Trudy’s low-income background. But no one is going to ruin Trudy’s new life. In fact, she’s found a way to make it even better. As a secretary, Trudy has easy access to company credit cards. Including Ann’s…

Before long Trudy’s leading a double-life—Ann’s life—complete with a secret apartment where she entertains the men she meets at upscale bars. But their worlds collide the night Trudy brings home the wrong man—one who has an angry score to settle. With Ann. Now, unless Trudy can convince him she’s not the woman he’s after, she may pay the highest price of all…

“Monroe serves up a tasty dish of murder, deception, lust, and just desserts.” —Library Journal on She Had it Coming

“Monroe’s richly drawn characters will stay with readers long after the book is finished.” —Booklist




Deadly Desires
by Ann Christopher

Dafina Books

“Ann Christopher…will leave you captivated and breathless.” —Brenda Jackson, New York Times bestselling author

How can you plan a future…
After a desperate struggle to sever ties with her husband, Kira Gregory is suddenly a free woman. She can start a new life without guns, drugs, dirty money, or fear. But Kira’s newfound independence seems too good to be true. And it is…

When you can’t outrun your past?
 DEA Special Agent Dexter Brady spent months trying to get Kira’s husband, Kareem Gregory, off the streets, but he has never come to terms with his growing feelings for Kira. He knows that any sort of a relationship with her is a recipe for disaster, but when danger finds Kira again, Dexter will bend every rule, face any enemy, and make any sacrifice to keep the woman he loves safe from harm…

Praise for the novels of Ann Christopher
“...(an) exciting romantic thriller.” —Publishers Weekly on Deadly Pursuit

“Trouble is a sultry romance...” —The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

“A brilliant and tasteful novel about love, tragedy, heartbreak and forgiveness.” —Romantic Times on Risk




Breaking the Ties That Bind
by Gwynne Foster

Dafina Books


One young woman is about to learn what tough love is all about…

Thirty-three-year-old Kendra Richards just can’t escape her reckless mother’s endless requests for money that will never be repaid. Again and again, Kendra rescues Ginny despite the advice of her own father—a man who left Ginny and her cheating ways long ago. Kendra knows her mother is troubled—what she doesn’t understand is why she can’t tell her no—until she happens to meet professor Sam Hayes…

Smart and sexy, Sam offers Kendra the answers—and the love and romance—she’s been looking for. She’s finally happy—until Ginny turns up for another handout. But this time the situation is desperate, and the stakes are higher than ever. Now, Kendra must finally decide if she’s willing to lose everything for a woman who has nothing to give…

Praise for the Novels of Gwynne Forster
“Wise and wonderful as it points out, once again, the importance of honesty and appreciating what you have while you have it.”—Publishers Weekly on A Different Kind of Blues

“Touching, thought-provoking, and will make you think twice about ever keeping secrets from the one you love.” —Kimberla Lawson Roby, New York Times bestselling author on If You Walked in My Shoes






Mind Your Own Business
by Lutisha Lovely

Dafina Books


Lutishia Lovely dishes up a decadent helping of love, lust, greed, and secrecy in this riveting tale of a family’s soul food dynasty...


Life is good for the Livingstons. Business is booming, Taste of Soul is launching a West Coast division, and Bianca Livingston and her brother, Jefferson, are vying to head it up—which means their long simmering rivalry is about to boil over...


Having completed a culinary course in Paris—along with a hot love affair—Bianca feels more than ready to take the reins in L.A. Her parents’ insistence that she marry a man of their choosing only fuels her ambition. Jefferson is hoping the position will free him to be with the secret L.A. love his family would never approve of. But the two soon realize that between their meddling cousin, Toussaint, and the return of an enemy bent on crushing the Livingston empire, they aren’t the only ones in this competition. And when company money mysteriously starts disappearing, they'll find it's hard to run a business when no one can mind their own...




Torn Between Two Lovers
by Carl Weber

Dafina Books


From the New York Times bestselling author of Big Girls Do Cry comes a deliciously provocative new page-turner starring plus-sized diva Loraine Farrow and the men in her life…


One of Richmond, Virginia’s, hottest, most successful women, Loraine Farrow finally wants to settle down with her husband, Leon, and focus on her marriage. Trouble is, her ex-lover, Michael, isn’t about to let her go so easily.


But things aren’t so simple with Leon either. Painful issues from his childhood are starting to surface in the bedroom. Leon’s seeing a therapist, but what he’s uncovering could destroy their marriage for good—unless Michael does it first.


As Loraine deals with her relationship drama, her best friend, Jerome, is left alone to deal with Peter, a stalker who will stop at nothing to destroy him. Now, four indomitable people torn between love and lust, secrets and lies, will have to face the momentous decisions they must ultimately make.




Redeeming Waters
by Vanessa Davis Griggs

Dafina Books

Must a young woman choose between her commitment to her marriage…and to God?

Brianna was ten years old when she first met twenty-five year old David R. Shepherd, a devout and gifted gospel recording artist who would ultimately become world renowned megastar, King d.Avid. He left an impression on Brianna she would never forget. And they were destined to meet again…

Brianna’s best friend, Alana Norwood, hasn’t had the best encounters with men, but she’s always been a good friend to Brianna, no matter what situation the two may find themselves in. But despite their bond, the next time Brianna encounters King, she’s a lonely young wife seeking solace in religious studies. While Alana’s quest for fame has her living a life that seems to be going nowhere fast, King’s companionship offers Brianna the deep emotional connection she longs for. But when both a tragedy and a blessing enters Brianna’s life, she finds herself wrestling with questions of faith, fidelity, forgiveness, and the sovereignty of God…like never before.

“Vanessa is a superb storyteller.” —ReShonda Tate Billingsley

“Griggs address[es] the challenges of living by Biblical rules with homespun humor. Fans will be pleased.” —Publishers Weekly on The Truth Is the Light

“A smart novel that addresses an issue that many in the church shy away from—divorce—with frank realism.” —Library Journal on Practicing What You Preach





Back On Top
by Angela Winters

Dafina Books


When it comes to joining the ranks of Washington D.C.’s glamorous elite, no social ladder is too high for these ambitious ladies to climb…

Sherise, Billie, and Erica will do anything to penetrate the capital’s shimmering social circle of movers and shakers, even if it means engaging in some risky business. Sherise’s dangerous game with a ruthless powerbroker is putting her on the White House fast track—and derailing her marriage…. High-powered lawyer Billie will use any weapon to battle her sexy ex-husband between the sheets so she can move on after heartbreak…. Erica’s prestigious new promotion at the Pentagon means bad news for her former-hustler boyfriend that may wreck her dreams for good…. And when drama even these divas never saw coming turns explosive, they’ll have to fight fire with fire, and prove their loyalty to each other—because in D.C. you always need someone to have your back...

Praise for Angela Winters

“Entertaining…the pacing is fast and the drama (is) unrelenting.” --Publishers Weekly on Never Enough

“A Dynasty-esque mix of money, power, sex, and crime.” on View Park





The Eternal Engagement
by Mary B. Morrison

Dafina Books


From New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison comes a moving, unforgettable story of lives at a crossroads, love lost and found, and the price of secrets…

After her high school sweetheart proposed and joined the military, Mona Lisa Ellington thought she’d never feel love again. So she settled, making a new life for herself with a man who cherished her…and made his living hurting others. Despite her reality, she prayed her fiancé would one day return.

Before becoming a television reporter, Katherine Clinton knew she’d marry her high school sweetheart and live happily ever after. But when he left for the military, she had to make new plans for her and their son. Despite his long absence, Katherine dreamed of the day her fiancé would return and make her family complete.

William Lincoln joined the military to make his grandfather proud. He never imagined he would be gone so long, or that the fiancées he left behind would reignite emotions he thought he’d never feel again. But his selfish proposal to two women is the least of his problems, because all three will face the consequences of too much deception.…






Darius Jones
by Mary B. Morrison

Dafina Books


New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison links two beloved series in a riveting tale of envy and seduction that has basketball star Darius Jones up against a woman who takes being a fan to the next level.

Darius Jones is living the good life. He’s got a chance to become the league’s most valuable player, he’s crazy in love with his wife, and his relationship with his mom has never been better.

But Darius also has a stalker who’s determined to be the number one woman in his life. And no matter where he goes, she’s there…scheming to kill his wife, Fancy; charming his manager and mother, Jada; manipulating his son’s mother, Ashlee; and worst of all, dragging new mother Honey Thomas into the mix with one of the most heartless schemes ever. With his life quickly unraveling, Darius must gamble all he’s worked for to save his wife, reclaim his son, and stop a madwoman from ruining the lives of everyone around him. . . .

“Mix dirty red drama, relationship scandals, suspense, love and you get my girl Mary B. Morrison.”—Vickie Stringer

“There’s a flood of backstabbing, drama, and felonies…. not a dull moment in this shamelessly flamboyant romp that Morrison’s many fans are sure to devour.” —Publishers Weekly on Darius Jones




A Good Excuse To Be Bad
Miranda Parker

Dafina Books


Smart, gorgeous, and too tough for her own good, bail recovery agent and single mom Evangeline Crawford moved to the burbs for a quiet life. Fortunately, it’s not turning out that way…

Angel has to admit she’s feeling restless. The only excitement in her new life is her schoolgirl crush on the town’s new pastor, Justus-too-Hot-to-be-Holy Morgan. But a fateful encounter and a job gone wrong at Club Night Candy in underground Atlanta is about to change all that… Soon, Angel’s trying to save her divazilla twin sister from her big mouth and a scandalous murder charge, and probing a church cover-up—with none other than Justus by her side. But Angel has one more pressing concern: will Bella be ready for kindergarten? Only time will tell for this bad girl gone good whose days are once again far from boring—and hopefully far from numbered…

“This novel has been a long time coming, and there will be many more knock-outs from Miranda Parker—one of the brightest authors on the horizon.” —Creston Mapes, author of Dark Star and Nobody

“Miranda Parker’s debut is deliciously fun! It has the perfect amount of intrigue, romance, action and all-out girl-power!” —Tiffany Warren, author of In the Midst of It All





Mistress No More
by Niobia Bryant

Dafina Books


In this sizzling and suspenseful novel, Niobia Bryant thrills readers with a bold, sexy story about a mistress who’s ready to reveal all her dirty little secrets…

Jessa Bell shocked the hell out of her three best friends when she announced she was having an affair with one of their husbands—then refused to say which one. She has been reveling in watching her friends self-destruct while trying to figure out which dog of a husband has been getting some on the side.

But now, caught between an ex-lover who won’t let her go, and a new lover who’s more than happy to, Jessa’s ready to confront the ladies, reveal the truth, and move on. Maybe her stunt will even send her latest married man back into her waiting arms for good. But she’ll soon find out that revenge isn’t just sweet—it can be deadly. Because nothing will ever be the same once Jessa Bell decides that she’s a mistress no more…

Raves for Niobia Bryant’s Message From a Mistress
“Grabs your attention from the first page." --The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

“This novel is packed with unbelievable drama that will capture readers from page one." --Books2Mention Magazine

"...a fast-paced, sexy romp that is entertaining from start to finish." --APOOO Book Club





Someone To Watch Over Me
by Michelle Stimson

Dafina Books


Tori Henderson is on the fast track in her marketing career in Houston, but her personal life is slow as molasses. So when her beloved Aunt Dottie falls ill, Tori travels back to tiny Bayford to care for her. But when she arrives, she’s faced with more than she bargained for, including Dottie's struggling local store and a troubled little step-cousin, DeAndre. Worse, the nearest Starbucks is twenty miles away…

Just as Tori is feeling overwhelmed, she re-connects with her old crush, the pastor's son, Jacob, who is as handsome as Tori remembers. As the church rallies for Aunt Dottie's recovery, Aunt Dottie rallies to remind Tori of God's love. And when Tori and DeAndre form an unexpected bond, and sparks fly between her and Jacob, small-town life starts looking promising. Tori came to Bayford to give, but she just might receive more than she dreamed was still possible for her...

“Michelle Stimpson does a wonderful job of creating characters that are believable and loveable. The Divas of Damascus Road will make you laugh, cry and laugh some more.” —Good Girl Book Club





Mama Ruby
by Mary Monroe

Dafina Books

New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe presents an unforgettable tale featuring Mama Ruby, the indomitable heroine of her acclaimed novel The Upper Room. Now readers will get a peek into Ruby’s early years, as she transforms from a spoiled small-town girl into one of the South’s most notorious and volatile women…

Growing up in Shreveport, Louisiana, Ruby Jean Upshaw is the kind of girl who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. By the time she’s fifteen, Ruby has developed a taste for fast men and cheap liquor, and not even her preacher daddy can set her straight. Most everyone in the neighborhood knows you don’t cross Ruby. Only Othella Mae Cartier, daughter of the town tramp, understands what makes Ruby tick.

When Ruby discovers she’s in the family way, she’s scared for the first time in her life. After hiding her growing belly with baggy dresses, Ruby secretly gives birth to a baby girl at Othella’s house. With few choices, Othella talks Ruby into giving the child away—and with the help of a shocking revelation, convinces Ruby to run off with her to New Orleans.

But nothing can erase Ruby’s memories of the child she lost—or quell her simmering rage at Othella for persuading her to let her precious baby go. If there’s a fine line between best friend and worst nightmare, Ruby is surely treading it. Because someday, there will be a reckoning. And when it comes, Othella will learn the hard way that no one knows how to exact revenge quite like Ruby Jean Upshaw…


List Price: $24.00 - Price: $12.90 - You Save: $11.10 (46%)




God Ain't Through Yet
by Mary Monroe

Dafina Books


From New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe comes a poignant and passionate new novel featuring lifelong friends Annette Goode Davis and Rho da O’Toole–two women whose best intentions don’t always yield the best results.

Even though her life has its ups and downs, Annette Goode Davis feels lucky. Most of all, Annette is grateful that her husband, Pee Wee, took her back after he discovered she was having an affair. The trouble is, while Pee Wee agreed to give Annette another chance, she’s not sure his heart is really in it. Rhoda is quick to point out that Annette got herself into this mess, so she has to be patient until Pee Wee forgives her. But time may be running out.

Annette’s suspicions are confirmed when Pee Wee moves out—and in with his new lady. She takes the news hard and so does her daughter, Charlotte. Annette won’t let her family go without a fight, but she also knows she must prepare for the worst—because one lesson she’s learned all too well is that when life kicks you in the teeth, you have to come out swinging.

Praise for the novels of Mary Monroe
“Another witty and wise installment to her God series… If this raunchy and rambunctious book is any indication, Monroe’s series has a lot of life left in it.” —Publishers Weekly on God Ain’t Through Yet

“Swift, salty writing … will keep readers cheering for the couple, and a twisting plot will keep them turning pages.”—Publishers Weekly on The Company We Keep

MARY MONROE, the daughter of sharecroppers, is the author of the award-winning and New York Times bestselling God series that includes God Don’t Like Ugly and God Ain’t Blind, among other novels. The winner of the PEN/Oakland Josephine Miles Award, Mary Monroe currently lives in Oakland, California, and loves to hear from her readers via e-mail at


List Price: $15.00 - Price: $10.20 - You Save: $4.80 (32%)




by Sasha Campbell

Dafina Books

Three women are about to learn more than they ever wanted to know about secrets—and the men who keep them…

As the owner of Situations, the hottest beauty salon on the south side of Chicago, Noelle Gordon has a direct line to the private lives of her clients. But when an abandoned baby girl appears on her doorstep, Noelle finds herself at the center of a personal drama. Could the baby be her husband’s? Or maybe her grown son’s? Both men deny it—but Noelle is sure one of them is lying…

Meanwhile, Noelle’s employees are discovering that their own romantic relationships harbor a secret or two. The truth isn’t always pretty. But can they find the strength to live with it—and with the men they love?

“It’s a sticky situation! Filled with teasing twists and eye popping, craftily written scenes, this novel will heat your seat, causing you to stay with it until you’re finished!! I offer readers six words...KEEP YOUR EYES ON SASHA CAMPBELL!” —Brenda Hampton, author of the Naughty series


List Price: $14.00 - Price: $10.90 - You Save: $3.10 (22%)



Unexpected Interruptions
by Trice Hickman

Dafina Books


Sometimes it’s the unexpected that makes life interesting…

Smart, sexy Victoria Small has come to the end of her year off—from men, that is. She’s enjoyed her hiatus, the peace, quiet—and no unexpected interruptions. But now she’s ready to have someone to come home to. And her timing is perfect, as not one, but two, handsome possibilities enter her life…

Ted, a powerful, blue-eyed CEO sends a thrill of excitement through her that shocks Victoria out of her comfort zone. Meanwhile, Parker, a talented surgeon, melts her defenses with his warmth and ebony good looks. The men are as different as can be—inside and out—but they have one thing in common: they both want Victoria. And as she struggles to decide what—and who—she really wants, Victoria will have to face her deepest fears, secrets, and desires—and decide if she’s brave enough for true love, no matter what color it comes in. Her answer just may surprise everyone, including herself…

“Trice Hickman has created passionate, three-dimensional characters who push the envelope of love and life… A memorable first offering.” --Marissa Monteilh, author of Dr. Feelgood

“There’s a good dose of humor and steamy romance that makes this novel soar.”--Urban Reviews


List Price: $15.00 - Price: $10.20 - You Save: $4.80 (32%)




by Michele Grant, Lutisha Lovely, and Cydney Rax

Dafina Books


Some people flirt, others admire from afar, but one thing’s for sure—there’s nothing hotter than a crush that tempts you to take a chance. . . .

White Mocha
Jayla has always played it safe, personally and professionally. Finding the perfect cup of coffee is about the most exciting thing in her life. But one look at free-spirited café owner Jason, and she’s suddenly inspired to venture out of her comfort zone…

Wanted: You
Chaz Covington is the guy every man wants to be and every woman wants to have. So when a series of anonymous erotic letters begin arriving at his office, he is only mildly surprised. His prudish assistant, Lois, is shocked. But before it’s all over, she won’t be the only one…

From One Lover to Another
Lorraine Eafford is done with bad boys. She’s ready for someone nice and reliable—someone just like her new co-worker, Wendell. But her ex won’t take no for an answer, and Lorraine is about to show him just how bad this good girl can be…

“Vibrant characters, artful storytelling, and an original voice make Lutishia Lovely worth every moment.”—Donna Hill

“Talented Grant entices, captivates and mesmerizes her readers."—Romantic Times on Heard It All Before

“…you’ll find yourself drawn to Rax’s juicy tale of out-of-order Buppies in love and lust.”—Essence® on My Husband’s Girlfriend


List Price: $14.00 - Price: $11.20 - You Save: $2.80 (20%)




All Up In My Business
by Lutisha Lovely

Dafina Books


Lutishia Lovely serves up a sizzling behind-the-scenes tale of rivalry and scandal in a family’s booming soul food dynasty…

With brothers Malcolm and Toussaint Livingston at the helm, business at Taste of Soul is thriving and the family seems to have it all. But jealousy and competition threaten to tarnish their picture-perfect image.

Toussaint is a risk-taker, determined to expand the restaurant chain at a record pace, but levelheaded Malcolm insists on challenging Toussaint’s goals. And at home, there’s more heating up than grits and collard greens. Malcolm is growing weary of his marriage and his ever-expanding brood of children. His brother’s Casanova lifestyle looks more and more appealing. But Toussaint’s playboy days aren’t as carefree as Malcolm thinks. Toussaint’s met his match in interior designer Alexis St. Clair, a woman who refuses to become just another dish on this player’s mating menu. But if Toussaint has his way, the happenings in both the boardroom and the bedroom are all about to change…


“Lovely once again expertly illuminates the wacky world of the devout and devoutly devilish.”
—Publishers Weekly on Reverend Feelgood

“Vibrant characters, artful storytelling, and an original voice make Lutishia Lovely worth every moment.” —Donna Hill

List Price: $15.00 - Price: $10.20 - You Save: $4.80 (32%)


Man Enough For Me
by Rhonda Bowen

Dafina Books


This exciting debut novel tells the story of one young woman who’s willing to take a chance on the right man—almost…

Twenty-something public relations gem Jules Jackson has everything in her life under control, and that’s exactly the way she likes it. She’s got no problem handling two jobs, her crazy friends, and her difficult mother. But she’s just about given up on men—until she meets fine Germaine Williams …

Straight-up catch Germaine is eager to prove his worth to Jules, and she falls hard. But it’s soon clear Germaine’s keeping at least one big secret. And the deeper Jules digs, the more her balancing act and her romance begin to crumble. Now Jules can either turn to her faith and open her heart to love—or risk getting it broken…

“Christian fiction fans will love this book! Man Enough For Me has heaping helpings of faith, prayer and redemption. I expect that readers will be clamoring for more from Rhonda Bowen.” --Tiffany L. Warren, Essence® bestselling author

“Enough drama, romance, and faith that keeps you turning pages.” —Tia McCollors, Essence® Bestselling Author

List Price: $14.00 - Price: $8.00 - You Save: $6.00 (43%)




The Choir Director
by Carl Weber

Dafina Books


New York Times bestselling author Carl Weber takes readers back to church, where preaching isn’t always enough, nothing goes better with the Word than a song—and it’s time for some hard-earned lessons in love, brotherhood, and betrayal.

Bishop T.K. Wilson has done all he can to make First Jamaica Ministries a success. But with his last choir director getting caught in a scandal, attendance and cash flow are down. To fill the pews and collection plates, Bishop is counting on a new choir director, the charismatic Aaron Mackie, to revive the church.

Aaron Mackie had been waiting his entire life for the opportunity to prove that he has what it takes to be a big-time choir director like Kirk Franklin. But while Aaron is more than up to the challenge, his ways around women, both past and present, could cost him more than his job.


Simone Wilcox is just one of the women who’s caught Aaron’s attention. She’s smart, beautiful and sexy, along with being a highly respected church trustee. She’s got her eye on the new choir director, with the intention of having a lot more on him, and she doesn’t plan on letting anyone get in her way.

First Lady Monique Wilson is far from being the typical first lady. She does and says what she wants, and doesn’t subscribe to church politics. Despite her shortcomings and a past rumored to include a long list of men, she’s willing to do just about anything to protect the Bishop.

The members of First Jamaica Ministries are also keeping the Bishop busy with choir in-fighting, romantic jealousies, and personal vendettas. You’d think the Bishop was being tested enough, but a final piece of the puzzle has yet to be revealed: Someone has been robbing the church blind. Someone whose connection to the Bishop is far too close for comfort. . . .

CARL WEBER is the New York Times bestselling author of over a dozen novels and short stories. A life-long reader, Weber wanted to write stories about ordinary people who have crazy things happen in their lives. Now, when he’s not connecting with readers through his books and his two book store chains, Urban Knowledge and Beach Reads, Weber is finding new talent for his publishing company, Urban Books. He graduated from Virginia State University with a bachelor’s in accounting and has an MBA in marketing from the University of Virginia. Readers can visit Carl’s website,, and e-mail him at


List Price: $24.00 - Price: $14.25 - You Save: $9.75 (41%)




Sweet Little Lies
by Michele Grant

Dafina Books

Christina Brinsley is that girl.

You know the one: a little bougie, a little opinionated, knows it all, has it all, and is a total perfectionist. But Christina’s perfectly crafted world isn’t really so perfect. Her third engagement fizzled three days before the wedding, her family expects her to solve their problems, and her friends are more than a little bit out of control. To keep it all together, she dedicates herself to her work, because it’s the one thing that won’t let her down. But when her latest assignment leads her to sizzling hot professor Steven Williams, the one man who sees through her efforts to outsmart and outmaneuver her way through every situation, Christina can’t believe she’s falling for a man who may be a key player in the scandal she’s investigating....

Praise for Michele Grant’s Heard It All Before
“An exciting, sizzling page turner!” —Candice Dow

“Light and entertaining…totally believable and funny. Talented Grant entices, captivates and mesmerizes. Job well done!” —Romantic Times

“A scorching debut… a pitch-perfect voice, delivering funny yet believable stories embellished with a gusto that readers who enjoy Carl Weber and Mary Monroe will relish.” —Publishers Weekly

“Cleverly and creatively written…. Highly spiced with boundless drama and hilarious moments, the reader surely will be entertained.” —The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

Michele Grant lives to read and reads to live. When not hard at work on her next novel, Michele is planning her next tropical getaway. Learning to prepare new cuisines, cultivating purple roses, and finding the perfect pair of high-heeled slingbacks are a few of her favorite pastimes. Michele is a native of Dallas, Texas. Readers can visit her online at and and email her at She can be found on Facebook: MicheleGrantAuthor and Twitter: MGrantAuthor. She loves to hear from her readers!

List Price: $14.00 - Price: $9.36 - You Save: $4.64 (33%)



by Naomi Chase

Dafina Books

Too much of a good thing
can be dangerous…

“An ultra-sexy page-turner.” --De’nesha Diamond, author of Hustlin’ Divas

Her past is back to haunt her—and it’s hotter than ever…

On the brink of a major promotion, Tamia Luke is within reach of the glitzy life she’s always dreamed of—until her client, Dominic Archer, blackmails her into becoming his mistress, threatening to reveal her scandalous past. Tamia has no choice but to submit to his demands. But the tables turn when her hostility towards Dominic is replaced with insatiable lust. No man—including her boyfriend—has ever satisfied her the way he does. And as her infatuation grows, the closer she comes to losing everything—including her life.

“Exposed is sexy, scandalous, and suspenseful. I enjoyed the drama-filled ride and didn't want it to end.” --Meesha Mink, author of Real Wifeys: On The Grind

NAOMI CHASE went from chasing stories as a newspaper reporter in Texas to weaving juicy thrillers spun from her own naughty imagination. Like the real-life dramas she once chronicled, her novels are sure to deliver enough sex, scandal, and suspense to leave readers breathless. Visit her online at


List Price: $14.00 - Price: $8.62 - You Save: $5.38 (38%)



Ray of Hope
by Vanessa Davis Griggs

Dafina Books


Grandmother Ma Ray, a churchgoing woman with a mysterious past, steers her two reckless granddaughters away from trouble with her smarts, savvy—and the Word of God…

Troublesome teen sisters Sahara and Crystal Nichols are acting up, and their risqué behavior is more than their mother Lenora can handle. Enter the girls’ 75-year-old churchgoing grandmother, Ma Ray, who agrees to take charge of the young women. She’s determined to turn their lives around—and knows more about being a bad girl than either sister bargained for…

Sahara and Crystal don’t realize what they’re up against when it comes to Ma Ray, but when they learn of their grandmother’s former rebel antics, which were wild enough to rival their own, they begin to appreciate her present-day passion for leading a more productive life—via family, love, and faith…

“Vanessa’s rich stories of faith in action always hit the writing trifecta—they make you laugh, cry, and yearn for more.” —Angela Benson, National Bestselling Author

“Vanessa is a superb storyteller.” —ReShonda Tate Billingsley


List Price: $15.00 - Price: $9.38 - You Save: $5.62 (37%)





His Sexy Bad Habit
by Cheris Hodges

Dafina Books

She Makes A Move For His Heart…
He’s hot and he’s single, but Antonio Billups has been out of the dating game for three years. Since his wife died, his focus has been on his business—and their son A.J. Enter new-in-town sultry, sexy Serena Jacobs, a woman who just might inspire Antonio to change his mind about being alone…

That His Body Can’t Resist…
Serena’s new restaurant is about to take off, and so is her heart—to Antonio. But events from her past are about to hit the fan—with a little help from Antonio’s scheming sister-in-law. Soon, Hollywood catfights and long-ago love affairs threaten the steamy relationship between Antonio and Serena, and when their secret histories collide, they must choose between a future with—or without—love…

“Hodges delivers a sizzling romance…” --Publishers Weekly on More Than He Can Handle


List Price: $6.99




Stay the Night
Chilufiya Safaa

Dafina Books


They didn’t believe in love…

Beautiful and brilliant Adana Terrell is a no-nonsense litigator who’s nearly given up on happily ever after. But while on vacation in breathtaking Nairobi, Kenya, she encounters a man who just might change her mind—if only he wasn’t as stubborn as she is…


Until their hearts gave them no choice…

Ruggedly handsome and fabulously wealthy lawyer Kamau Mazrui is facing his own demons—and falling for a headstrong woman is not in his plans. He and Adana lock horns immediately, yet Kamau can hardly resist the stunning woman’s intensity and passion—though he is determined to try…


Praise for Chilufiya Safaa 


"...sure to please fans of Francis Ray and Gwynne Forster." --Booklist on The Art of Love


"An enchanting and heartwarming love story." --The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers on Passionate Encounters


Chilufiya Safaa is an educator and an entrepreneur. Her passions are her children and her grandchildren, traveling, studying other cultures, listening to a variety of styles of music, good theater, and good conversation. She lives in Tennessee.

List Price: $6.99



Kiki Swinson & Da'Nesha Diamond
Dafina Books



Accustomed to a life of luxury, Shannon Marshall is devastated to lose everything after her husband, Todd, is sent to prison for gun running. So when Todd plans the ultimate stickup from behind bars, Shannon’s ready to put her neck on the line. But she’ll have to pull off the hustle of a lifetime and play one dangerous gangster who always gets what he wants…



DEA Agent Jordan Hayes has vowed to never walk in her ex-con father’s footsteps. Suspecting her father is planning another robbery, she begins keeping close tabs on him and his crony—sexy gangster Keston Bishop. Jordan soon becomes addicted to the danger that radiates from Keston like street candy as she takes part in a daring theft that could cost her everything...


“Kiki captures the heat of the streets.” —Wahida Clark


“Diamond tells it like it is.” —Publishers Weekly on Heartbreaker


List Price: $15.00 - Price: $10.20 - You Save: $4.80 (32%)





The Liar’s Club
Layla Jordan

Dafina Books



Thanks to her mega-successful new husband, Omar, Sinclair Fines has a glittering celebrity lifestyle that’s splashed all over tabloids and gossip blogs everywhere.  But this sexy one-time Detroit native has a sizzling need Omar just can’t satisfy.  So when Sinclair’s not-quite-ex-husband Kwame gets out of the pen and shows up with blackmail in mind, Sinclair can’t resist paying him off—out of bed and between the sheets …



…Until Kwame demands more cash flow—and anytime-anywhere access.  And since there’s no way Sinclair will let him send her back to the projects and dollar-store shoes, she’ll do anything to get rid of Kwame for good. But Sinclair is about to learn that one play too many is the surest way to lose…


List Price: $14.00 - Price: $10.29 - You Save: $3.71 (27%)




Deadly Pursuit
Ann Christopher

Dafina Books


“Ann Christopher…will leave you captivated and breathless.” —Brenda Jackson, New York Times Bestselling Author

A woman caught in a killer’s crosshairs…

Criminal defense attorney Amara Clarke’s only mistake is being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now she finds herself running from a threat she doesn’t understand—with Jack Parker, a mysterious man she barely knows and can’t trust.

…The man who’ll do anything to protect her.

Amara doesn’t know that Jack is a DEA agent in hiding, evading death threats from the kingpin he helped convict. The last thing Jack wants is to endanger her by letting her get too close, and he swore long ago there’d be no more collateral damage in his war against the kingpin. But when fate throws her in his path, Jack’s cover is blown wide open. Soon he and Amara are in a fight to survive, pursued by a criminal who doesn’t care how many people he kills in his relentless quest for vengeance…

Praise for the novels of Ann Christopher

“Trouble is a sultry romance...” —The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

“A brilliant and tasteful novel about love, tragedy, heartbreak and forgiveness.” —Romantic Times on Risk

List Price: $6.99




Still Wifey Material
by Kiki Swinson
Dafina Books


“Kiki captures the heat of the streets.” —Wahida Clark


Kira’s ready to shed her old life—but trouble has a way of always finding her…


Kira’s had enough drama, and the only way she’s going to make a new start is by moving to Houston with her cousin Nikki. Though Nikki might be in a different hood, she’s still up to her old sheisty ways—looking for the sugar daddy who will help her crawl out from under Kira’s shadow. And when Kira falls in love with Fatu, an extremely wealthy Nigerian club owner, Nikki will do whatever it takes to break them up. Because it’s her turn to be wifey…



“Kiki Swinson is unstoppable…Kiki always delivers a sizzling read.” Essence® bestselling author Crystal Lacey Winslow


“After reading The Candy Shop, all I could say was scandalous!” —K’wan, bestselling author of Gutter and Still Hood


List Price: $6.99






Last Temptation
Michelle Stimpson

Dafina Books


Sensible single mother Patricia “Peaches” Miller isn’t about to follow in her mama’s footsteps and become dependent on a man—no, that would be too easy. But when she doesn’t see eye to eye with the man she wants to marry, she knows that returning to a life of girls’ nights out, retail therapy, and chocolate peanut clusters just won’t do for her. Then Raphael, her son’s father, steps back into the picture—and makes it clear that his attraction to Peaches is stronger than ever. There’s just one problem. Raphael has already pledged his heart to another woman.


Peaches has been praying for a perfect family for a long time. Deep down she knows this can’t be God’s idea of an answer—but can you blame a girl for hoping? Now, as she battles with temptation, and with her faith, she’s not sure which will win… 


“Michelle Stimpson does a wonderful job of creating characters that are believable and loveable. The Divas of Damascus Road will make you laugh, cry and laugh some more.” —Good Girl Book Club


List Price: $14.00 - Price: $10.08 - You Save: $3.92 (28%)






Hustlin' Divas
De’nesha Diamond

Dafina Books


“A nonstop, hard-hitting page-turner.” —Tu-Shonda L. Whitaker


In the first book of a fierce new series, meet Memphis’ hardest ride or die chicks as they fight along with their infamous men to lock down the Dirty South.


Memphis is the crime capital of America, and no one knows that better than the women born and raised in its mean streets. It’s put sisters Ta’Shara and LeShelle on opposite sides of the street game, where blood means nothing and loyalty doesn’t last long. It’s also got Yolanda, an ambitious drug mule, and Melanie, a police detective, caught up with the same man—the notorious hustler Python. These four women think they’ve got the game figured out, but the one man they have in common will have them living double lives and wondering who will come out on top. Forget what you heard about East Coast/West Coast, ’cause real vendettas are born in the Dirty South.


 “Diamond tells it like it is.” Publishers Weekly


List Price: $15.00 - Price: $10.20 - You Save: $4.80 (32%)




You're All I Need
by Karen White-Owens
Dafina Books


Karen White-Owens’s compelling tale of love, loyalty, and the law, spans the continents as an irresistible Frenchman turns the life of an ambitious young woman upside down…


Making it as a hotshot legal eagle takes smarts, savvy—and acceptance to a prestigious law school. That’s exactly what independent beauty Tia Edwards has when she’s hit with a thunderbolt on her way up the professional ladder—a request from her boss to help Christophe Jensen, a charismatic new attorney from France, feel right at home…


Sparks fly when the two first meet, yet both are wary of taking things to the next level. But when Tia catches her man with someone else, she lets her connection with Christophe heat up. Happier than she’s ever been, complications arise when Christophe is summoned back to France. Suddenly, the best time of Tia’s life starts falling apart, as she’s forced to choose between her family and her future—with a man whose home is on the other side of the ocean...


List Price : $6.99




When the Sun Goes Down
by Gwynne Forster

Dafina Books


“When the sun goes down on my life, you’ll all come apart like ripped balloons.”

When stingy self-made millionaire and widower Leon Farrell dies, he leaves behind a legacy of family dysfunction—and a missing will. It’s soon clear that his three grown children, Edgar, Gunther, and Shirley, don’t handle loss well—the possible loss of a fortune, that is. And when Edgar hires a private investigator to track down the will, it’s just the beginning of a search that will lead the siblings to re-visit their childhoods, uncover buried secrets, and ultimately learn for themselves what it means to be a family. For as tensions escalate between the brothers—with their peace-keeping sister caught in the middle—an unexpected conflict of interest is brewing that will shock them all—and either bring them closer together or tear them apart for good…

Praise for the Novels of Gwynne Forster

“Wise and wonderful as it points out, once again, the importance of honesty and appreciating what you have while you have it.” —Publishers Weekly on A Different Kind of Blues

“Touching, thought-provoking, and will make you think twice about ever keeping secrets from the one you love.” —Kimberla Lawson Roby, New York Times bestselling author on If You Walked in My Shoes


List Price: $14.00 - Price: $10.08 - You Save: $3.92 (28%)




What's His Is Mine
by Daaimah S. Poole

Dafina Books

Essence® bestselling author Daaimah S. Poole delivers an outrageously sexy tale of three women out to marry rich. And they don’t just want half—they want it all …

Life as a pro athlete’s baby mama isn’t bringing in the big money Adrienne Sheppard expected. Now she’s determined to get wifed… Young Zakiya Lee will do anything to escape living with her troubled sister… Tanisha Butler needs to redeem her one mistake—and reclaim her man… And sports reporter Cherise Long has a “no athletes” romance rule. But as different as these women are, they can’t resist the same temptation: to win the ultimate gold ring…

Soon Zakiya is pregnant by the NBA’s hottest new draft pick—but the pressures of 24/7 fame are driving her to the brink. The superstar Tanisha left behind is playing the field. And the NFL pro Cherise gave her heart to is trapped into marrying his greedy baby mama: Adrienne…and Adrienne will do whatever it takes to keep him. Now all four women will find that the price of wealth is higher than they expected…

Praise for Somebody Else’s Man
"A definite must read." --Candice Dow

Praise for A Rich Man’s Baby
“Colorful…if you love scandal, this is the book for you!” --Anna J

“Everything that glitters damn sure ain’t gold in Daaimah’s new delivery of drama!” --Miasha


List Price: $15.00 - Price: $10.20 - You Save: $4.80 (32%)



torn between to loversTorn Between Two Lovers
by Carl Weber

Dafina Books

From the New York Times bestselling author of Big Girls Do Cry comes a deliciously provocative new page-turner starring plus-sized diva Loraine Farrow, and the two men in her life. . .

One of Richmond, Virginia's hottest, most successful women, Loraine Farrow is finally putting the relationship drama behind her. There's nothing she wants more than to settle down with her husband, Leon, and focus on her marriage. Trouble is, her ex-lover, Michael, isn't about to let her go so easily.

But things aren't so simple with Leon either. He's dealing with painful issues from his childhood--and some of them are starting to surface in the bedroom. Leon's seeing a therapist, but what he's uncovering could destroy their marriage for good--unless Michael does it first.

The short time Michael spent with Loraine was the happiest he's ever known, and he's fired up about winning her back. The question is, if he does win her back, how long will he be willing to deal with being Loraine's second string?

When times were hard, Jerome could always count on his best friend Loraine, but now that their friendship is strained, he's left alone to deal with Peter, a psychopathic stalker who will stop at nothing to destroy Jerome.

Taking us on a passion-filled wild ride, here is a gripping novel of four indomitable people torn between love and lust, secrets and lies--and the momentous decisions they must ultimately make. . .

CARL WEBER is the New York Times bestselling author of over a dozen novels and short stories. A life-long reader, Weber wanted to write stories about ordinary people who have crazy things happen in their lives. Now, when he's not connecting with readers through his books and his two book store chains, Urban Knowledge and Beach Reads, Weber is finding new talent for his publishing company, Urban Books.


List Price: $20.00 - Price: $11.70 - You Save: $8.30 (42%)


families ties by ernest hillFamily Ties

Ernest Hill
Dafina Books

In the acclaimed A Life for a Life, Ernest Hill created an unforgettably candid story of violence, love, and redemption with teenaged D'Ray Reid at its center. Now, with his jail time behind him, D'Ray has returned home to find that the real fight for survival is only beginning…

Everyone was shocked when Mr. Henry took D'Ray Reid under his wing. After all, Mr. Henry's real son, Stanley, was murdered by D'Ray--a crime D'Ray committed to save his brother, Little Man. Yet in the years since, Mr. Henry has tried to show D'Ray how to become the man Stanley would never be.

After Mr. Henry's death, D'Ray seeks out his own mother, Mira, hoping to rebuild their broken relationship. But D'Ray's homecoming is more tumultuous than expected. Arrested for a crime he didn't commit, Little Man has escaped and is in hiding. Mira blames D'Ray for Little Man's troubled history, but she has her own secrets to hide. And putting things right will mean uncovering a legacy of lies and hidden agendas, and realizing the only way to be free of the past is to stand tall and confront it at last. . .

Praise for the novels of Ernest Hill

"If novels offer us a way of seeing the world that we could not imagine before, A Life for a Life does just that." --The Times-Picayune

"An exceptional literary piece that some readers will compare to Richard Wright's Native Son." --Booklist on Satisfied with Nothin'

"As the story unfolds these unforgettable characters come to full, sympathetic life."
--Publishers Weekly on A Person of Interest

List Price: $15.00 - Price: $10.20 - You Save: $4.80 (32%)

dont blame the devil by pat g'orgeDon't Blame the Devil
by Pat G'Orge-Walker
Dafina Books

Hang on to your seat as Pat G'Orge-Walker spins a hilarious, inspiring novel of mistakes and second chances, heartache and love, sin and salvation. . .

Appearances mean everything to Delilah Dupree Jewel. So after hearing of her daughter-in-law's sudden death, Delilah decides that coming to the rescue of her long estranged son, Jessie, and her granddaughter, Tamara, would be a good look . . . though Lord knows she'll have to dig hard to find her maternal instincts.

But Delilah quickly discovers Jessie wants nothing to do with her. And Tamara, who's following in Delilah's musical footsteps, isn't interested in her career advice, especially since Delilah got ahead using the singing couch. And Delilah's old flame Deacon Pillar, an ex-convict who's traded in his gangster ways for a Bible, is stirring up a past that's sure to shock. Now, all Delilah knows is that she'd better hold on to her faith, 'cause she needs God now more than ever. . . .

"Ms. Walker pens a tale so funny that you'll fall out of your chair laughing, and so poignantly realistic that you'll wipe tears from your eyes. . . a must-read." --Angela Benson on Cruisin' on Desperation

"Christian comedy fiction at its best." --Library Journal

List Price: $15.00 - Price: $10.20 - You Save: $4.80 (32%)


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Darius Jones
by Mary Morrison

Dafina Books


New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison hooks readers with this compelling novel featuring basketball star Darius Jones. He has it all—but when a tragic accident turns his world upside down, he’ll have to fight to get back on top of his game…


Darius Jones is living the good life. He’s got a chance to become the league’s most valuable player, he’s crazy in love with his wife, and his relationship with his mom has never been better. But just when Darius thinks everything’s going right, a drunk driver slams into his car, leaving his wife, Fancy, in a coma with a slim chance of surviving.


Ashlee Anderson, the mother of Darius’ son, immediately files for custody, claiming his demanding schedule and emotional tragedy make him an unfit father. When Ashlee is granted temporary custody, a heartbroken Darius struggles to balance keeping his head in the game, sitting by his wife’s side, and winning back his son. But a stalker groupie convinces him to escape his sorrows for just one night. . . .  He doesn’t realize his sexiest fan has much more in store for her obsession—and she’ll do whatever it takes to ensure Darius becomes her man and Fancy doesn’t leave the hospital alive.


With his life quickly unraveling, Darius must gamble all he’s worked for to save his wife, reclaim his son, and stop one night of pleasure with a madwoman from becoming a lifetime of pain . . . .


New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison believes that women should shape their own destiny. Born in Aurora, IL, and raised in New Orleans, LA, she took a chance and quit her near six-figure government job to self-publish her first book, Soulmates Dissipate, in 2000 and begin her literary career. Mary’s books have appeared on numerous bestseller lists, and she’s a frequent contributor to The Michael Baisden Show. Mary is also actively involved in a variety of philanthropic endeavors, and in 2006 she sponsored the publishing of an anthology written by 33 sixth-graders. Mary currently resides in Oakland, CA, not far from her wonderful son Jesse, who is following in his mother’s creative footsteps and pursuing a career in TV/film. Visit Mary online at


List Price: $24.00 - Price: $16.32 - You Save: $7.68 (32%)





Heaven Forbid
by Lutisha Lovely
Dafina Books

In Lutishia Lovely’s page-turning new novel, a scandalized church congregation enlists a new leader to heal the fallout of their fallen pastor—but they may be out of the frying pan and into the fire…


Still reeling from the disgrace their former pastor left in his wake, members of Gospel Truth Church need someone who can restore order. Enter Reverend Doctor Pastor Bishop Overseer Mister Stanley Obadiah Meshach Brook, Jr., who quickly sets up a code of ethics so strict even Jesus might not pass muster! When the new rules send much of the flock fleeing, Reverend Doctor O turns to Reverend Stanley Lee and his wife, Passion, to lead a revival.


But the church isn't the only thing that needs reviving—so does Stanley’s libido. Passion was celibate for five years before marrying, and is not happy that her husband’s lackluster wedding night performance has become the rule, not the exception. Desperate to make her marriage work, Passion turns to Reverend Doctor O’s wife, Maxine, for advice. But Maxine is busy trying to clean out the skeletons in her own marital closet—because even the holiest have secrets…


“The scintillating brew of sex, faith and sharp humor will have Lovely’s fans breathless for more.” —Publishers Weekly on A Preacher’s Passion


"Vibrant characters, artful storytelling, and an original voice make Lutishia Lovely worth every moment.” —Donna Hill


List Price: $15.00 - Price: $10.20 - You Save: $4.80 (32%)




Playing Hard To Get
by Grace Octavia

Dafina Books

From the Essence© bestselling author of Take Her Man comes a chic page-turner starring the 3Ts—Tamia, Troy, and Tasha—three New York City “It Girls” whose lives are about to be turned upside down.

Gorgeous, sophisticated, and successful, Tamia is a sister that can’t be stopped. With her career as an attorney on the rise, and her millionaire boyfriend about to propose—Tamia has it all. But then she meets Malik, a sexy Harlem brother who pushes all her buttons, and makes Tamia second-guess everything in her life. Love struck for this bad boy with a cause, Tamia’s on a mission to convince Malik to stop playing hard to get and come along for the ride.

Meanwhile, since she married a pastor, Troy has gone from smokin’ hottie to Bible-quoting church lady. Everyone thinks Troy is happy until some dirty secrets turn Troy’s life—and marriage—upside down.

As the wife of a pro basketball player and mother of three, Tasha has traded her fabulous big city life for the suburbs. Bored and starving for some action, Tasha’s desires spin out of control, and she finds that being the new “It Girl” has its drawbacks.

Funny and soulful, Playing Hard to Get is a novel of passion, friendship, and finding yourself without losing everything you love.

Praise for Grace Octavia
“Funny and sexy.” —Essence® on Take Her Man

“Octavia weaves an extraordinary tale.” --Romantic Times on His First Wife


List Price: $15.00 - Price: $10.20 - You Save: $4.80 (32%)




Unconditionally Single
by Mary B. Morrison

Dafina Books

Honey Thomas once made her living as a tough-talking prostitute and madam, but those days are long gone. Now, Honey runs a counseling center that helps women get off the streets. The best part is her new life is being bankrolled by money stolen from her ex-pimp, Valentino James. But Valentino wants his money back, and he’s willing to kill Honey to get it. Now Honey has to figure out what’s important, what she can do without, and who she needs in her life to discover the happiness she deserves.

“Hot times in Atlanta keep Morrison’s erotic Honey Diaries blazing.” —Publishers Weekly

“Mix dirty red drama, relationship scandals, suspense, love and you get my girl Mary B. Morrison.” —Vickie Stringer


List Price: $15.00 - Price: $10.20 - You Save: $4.80 (32%)




God Ain’t Through Yet
by Mary Monroe
Dafina Books

From New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe comes a poignant and passionate new novel featuring lifelong friends Annette Goode Davis and Rhoda O’Toole–two women whose best intentions don’t always yield the best results. This time around, Annette is devastated when one of her greatest fears comes true—and there may be nothing she can do about it. . .

Even though her life has its ups and downs, Annette Goode Davis feels lucky to have a family who loves her and friends she can count on. Most of all, Annette is grateful that her husband Pee Wee took her back after he discovered she was having an affair. Now, she’s determined to do whatever it takes to make her marriage work. The trouble is, while Pee Wee agreed to give Annette another chance, she’s not sure his heart is really in it.

Annette goes out of her way to keep Pee Wee as happy as pie, but it never seems to be enough. Rhoda is quick to point out that Annette got herself into this mess; now she has to be patient until Pee Wee forgives her. But time may be running out.

Her suspicions are confirmed when Pee Wee moves out—and in with his new lady. Annette takes the news hard and so does her daughter Charlotte, who seems hell-bent on keeping her mother on edge by hanging out with a wild new crowd.

Annette isn’t going to let her family go without a fight. But she also knows she must prepare for the worst—because one lesson she’s learned all too well is that when life kicks you in the teeth, you have to come out swinging.

“Monroe is a masterful storyteller.” —Philadelphia Inquirer


List Price: $24.00 - Price: $16.32 - You Save: $7.68 (32%)





Visible Lives
Three Stories in Tribute to E. Lynn Harris

Essence® bestselling author
by Terrance Dean, James Earl Hardy, and Stanley Bennett Clay

Dafina Books

Bestselling author and literary icon E. Lynn Harris captivated millions of readers with his powerful, groundbreaking stories of black men searching for love in a taboo world. Now three outstanding writers and friends honor the late author with this trio of original novellas in the genre E. Lynn helped create—each accompanied by a special personal tribute remembering the important role he played in their lives. Evoking the hope, romance, and complexity of this gifted writer, this unique collection will serve as a living legacy for fans old and new.

“A creative way to pay homage to a writer who paved the way for so many other authors…something I’m sure E. Lynn would have appreciated.” –ZANE, New York Times Bestselling Author


Terrance Dean is the author of the Essence® bestselling memoir Hiding in Hip Hop as well as Reclaim Your Power! He has worked in the entertainment industry for many years as a producer and is the founder/creator of Men’s Empowerment, Inc.

James Earl Hardy was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and is an honors graduate of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. He is the author of the bestselling B-Boy Blues series, including Love the One You’re With, A House is Not a Home, and a short story collection, The Freak Filez: An Erotic Anthology

Stanley Bennett Clay is the author of three novels: Diva, In Search of Pretty Young Black Men, and Looker. A former editor for both Black Beat and SBC Magazine,  he is also an award-winning playwright and actor.


List Price: $15.00 - Price: $10.20 - You Save: $4.80 (32%)




Gone Too Far
A View Park Novel
by Angela Winters
Dafina Books

The Chases are rich, powerful, and used to getting everything they want. But this privileged African-American dynasty is about to discover that even billions can’t buy happiness—or keep trouble outside their gilded gates. . .

Carter Chase is engaged to be married, but he’s still not over his ex-fiancée, Avery. And while Avery can’t seem to resist Carter’s charm in the bedroom, she’s terrified by his threats to take their daughter away from her. After all, Avery knows she can’t win a fight against the influential Chase family. . .

In the meantime, Carter’s brother, Michael, is embroiled in his own drama, consumed with guilt over the pain he caused his now ex-wife Kimberly. Six months after granting her a divorce, Michael wants her back. But it may take a tragedy to reunite them. . .

The Chase men aren’t the only ones struggling with matters of the heart. Oldest daughter Leigh thinks she’s done with dating—until she meets black Republican senator Max Cody. The last thing Leigh wants is another high-profile affair, but she finds herself falling for Max anyway. Leigh vowed to avoid another scandal for her family—but when you’re a Chase, that kind of promise is impossible to keep. . .

Praise for Angela Winters
“Winters has created a family of nasty, horrid manipulators with few morals and lots of power. It’s a guilty pleasure to watch them squirm.”—The Tennessee Tribune on View Park


“Entertaining. . . The pacing is fast and the drama unrelenting.” —Publishers Weekly on Never Enough

List Price: $14.00 - Price: $10.08 - You Save: $3.92 (28%)





The Truth Is The Light
A Blessed Trinity Novel
by Vanessa Davis Griggs

Dafina Books

The newest member of Followers of Jesus Faith Worship Center stirs up more troubles than blessings when he decides to rededicate his life to God. . .

As the son of a well-known minister, Clarence Walker knows his decision to leave his father’s flock and join Pastor George Landris’s mega-church ministry is a controversial one. But little does he suspect it will ignite a firestorm of revelations that will shake the heart of the congregation—and his very own family. . .

From a long-buried secret that will bring the paternity of not one, but two women, to light, to a parishioner whose long awaited love match may be thwarted by resistance from an unexpected source, hidden truths are coming to the surface. But most shocking of all is that Clarence’s own father, Reverend Marshall Walker, may not be the pious figure he claims to be. And since evidence of his transgressions lies in the hands of his arch nemesis, it’s only a matter of time before Reverend Walker’s life—and his church—falls like a house of cards.

Perceptive, moving, and emotional, Vanessa Davis Griggs once again celebrates church life with its triumphs, tragedies, and all-too-human mistakes—proving that without truth, there can be no light. . .


List Price: $15.00 - Price: $10.20 - You Save: $4.80 (32%)



A Sticky Situation
by Kiki Swinson

Dafina Books

Maxine Shaw is headed for trouble when she finds herself caught between lust and the law…

Sexy, straight shooter Maxine Shaw is a federal parole officer, but she strays from the rules when she hooks up with seriously fine parolee Seth Richardson. Maxine’s even willing to look the other way on Seth’s drug dealing ’cause he’s letting her use some of his money to start her business. But when Seth’s former ride-or-die chick Samantha returns home after doing time, Maxine discovers that two women fighting over one man is a real sticky situation…

“Kiki captures the heat of the streets.” —Wahida Clark


List Price: $6.99



God Ain't Blind
by Mary Monroe

Dafina Books

Two women who’ve been through just about everything together are about to find out if there are some things forever friends can’t fix…

Annette Goode Davis is a survivor. Life’s obstacles have often knocked her down, but she’s never stayed there for long. To Annette, it’s all about family and old friends like Rhoda O’Toole. And right now, Annette needs all the friends she can get…because her marriage is in big trouble, and she has no idea why…

Lately, Annette’s husband Pee Wee barely has the time of day for her. Desperate to regain his affections, Annette goes on a crash diet, gets a makeover, and looks hotter than she has in a long, long time. Everyone notices—except Pee Wee. So when handsome Louis Baines showers her with attention, Annette finds herself embroiled in a full-blown affair and spending money on Louis like there’s no tomorrow. But when she learns a terrible secret about her new lover, she realizes she’s in way over her head. Soon Annette must face the fact that she may have destroyed the life she loved—and this time, not even Rhoda can help her make things right...

“Monroe is a masterful storyteller.” —Philadelphia Inquirer


List Price: $15.00 - Price: $10.20 - You Save: $4.80 (32%)



Trouble Down the Road
by Bettye Griffin

Dafina Books

From the author of The People Next Door comes a smart, sexy new novel that peeks behind the curtains of one very complicated Florida cul-de-sac, where the neighbors are a little too close for comfort...


Suzanne and Brad Betancourt have a lot to be grateful for—their home, their children, and each other. They’ve even survived the fact that Brad’s ex-wife lives next door and Suzanne’s intrusive mother and siblings are just down the road. But Suzanne’s confidence unravels at Brad’s fiftieth birthday blowout, when young, voluptuous, neighbor Micheline brings a specially wrapped gift: herself. Suddenly, Suzanne feels like she’s the one having the midlife crisis…


Hoping to impress Brad, and ease family troubles that are already straining their relationship, Suzanne goes into business with a friend. But the endeavor stretches her too thin, leaving Brad hurt and alienated. Soon he begins to distance himself from her—moving right into the waiting arms of Micheline, who is all too ready to ditch her own husband.


Now, with marriages on the line across the neighborhood, Suzanne and Brad will have to question their notion of loyalty to one another—and to themselves.


Praise For The Novels Of Bettye Griffin
“Fear and joy practically leap off the pages. A well-written story you will hate to see end.” —Romantic Times on Once Upon a Project

“A compelling drama about three families striving for the American dream.”—Booklist on If These Walls Could Talk


List Price: $14.00 - Price: $10.08 - You Save: $3.92 (28%)



by Deidre Berry

Dafina Books

Part Terry McMillan, part Candice Dow, Deidre Berry dazzles with this witty and down-to-earth novel brimming with eccentric characters and the hijinks that ensue when a pampered woman’s lifestyle is dramatically changed.

For the past two years, Eva Cantrell has been living the high life. The pampered girlfriend of a wealthy businessman, Eva has become so accustomed to exotic vacations and shopping sprees that she can scarcely remember what it’s like to struggle or want for anything. However, her world comes crashing down around her when her sugar daddy is busted for shady business practices, and faces a long stint in prison.

With the gravy train permanently derailed, Eva is forced to reinvent herself. In the process, she goes on a soul-searching journey where she crosses paths with an array of eccentric characters, and ultimately finds love where she least expects it.

“Berry’s debut chronicles the life of sassy Tori Carter, a jilted bride who is somewhat bitter and hard on men. Sure, she has issues, but readers will be able to relate to them—and they'll look forward to her next novel.” —RT Book Reviews

“Delightful...a clever mix of zany characters, humor, and heart.” —Lutishia Lovely, author of A Preacher’s Passion

Deidre Berry grew up in a picture-book town in Kansas where she began writing stories of her own. With a lifelong dream to share the power of words, she also writes short stories, screenplays, and poetry. Away from the computer, Deidre zealously pursues her passions for fine dining, reading, cooking, and shopping, and is also a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan who enjoys hosting game day parties for her family and friends. She lives in Kansas City with her husband, Richard.


List Price: $14.00 - Price: $11.90 - You Save: $2.10 (15%)







by Paula T. Renfroe

Dafina Books

In this dazzling and bold debut that cuts to the heart of modern relationships, Paula T. Renfroe introduces two thirty-something best friends, each dealing with a different side of infidelity.

Aminah and Langston are best friends who have found themselves in a dilemma. When Aminah learns that Langston is having a sexless but very emotional affair, she’s forced to look at her own relationship and examine whether she’s confused loyalty and forgiveness with simply tolerating unfaithfulness.

Convinced it’s only cheating if she gets caught, Langston is sure she can balance her good marriage with an emotional tryst. When the affair becomes dangerously physical, Langston must weigh stability against the thrills and risks of passion. And Aminah must finally choose between keeping her family and friendship intact, and maintaining her self-respect.

Thought provoking, steamy, and insightful, The Cheating Curve explores issues of sex, family, parenting, and infidelity in a story that is at once vividly realistic and thoroughly entertaining.

"A fearless depiction of female sexuality, The Cheating Curve, careens at break-neck speeds while maintaining deft insight into its characters. Paula T. Renfroe cannily layers her heroines with fierce loyalty, unbridled consumerism, occasional hubris and a great deal of heart. This is a thoroughly addictive read." —Mary H.K. Choi, features editor of Giant magazine

"Hot and steamy but stirred with subtle nuance, Paula T. Renfroe's novel debut explores the dangers of desire and the complexity of infidelity with care, candor and captivating prose." —Elliott Wilson co-author of Ego Trip's Rap List and Ego Trip's Big Book Of Racism

Paula Renfroe has been a lifestyle editor for XXL magazine, the managing editor for The Source magazine and a journalist who has written for Vibe, Vixen, King, Rides, Hip Hop Soul, and TimeOut New York. She is also the co-author of Textured Tresses: The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining and Styling Natural Hair (Touchstone/ Fireside 2004). She is currently the project manager at BET News.


List Price: $15.00 - Price: $10.20 - You Save: $4.80 (32%)







by Mary Monroe

Dafina Books

From the tremendously talented New York Times and Essence® bestselling author Mary Monroe comes the powerful story of two lifelong friends, their secrets and lies, and the new challenge that may divide them once and for all!

With a lovely home and family, Annette Goode finally has it all. Heaven knows she paid her dues—from an abusive childhood to a rocky start as an adult. Annette’s friend Rhoda knows too, for Rhoda has been both her savior and her greatest fear. Their relationship has survived some serious shake-ups. But now that things are good, someone apparently thinks they’re a little too good.

When Annette receives an anonymous—and menacing—birthday gift, it’s just the beginning of a slew of hostile letters, vicious phone calls, and vile packages from a female who is obviously disguising her voice. Comforted by Rhoda and Rhoda’s teenage daughter, Jade, Annette hopes the problem will somehow disappear. But when the threats extend to her child, Annette realizes the situation is dire. For soon her tormentor reveals exactly what she wants—and how it could destroy everything Annette has built…

“Monroe is a masterful storyteller.” —Philadelphia Inquirer

“Reminiscent of Zora Neale Hurston.” —Publishers Weekly

“Watch out Toni Morrison, there is a new sister in town.” —Rapport

Mary Monroe is the New York Times bestselling author of God Ain’t Blind, The Company We Keep, She Had It Coming, Deliver Me From Evil, God Don’t Play, In Sheep’s Clothing, Red Light Wives, God Still Don’t Like Ugly, Gonna Lay Down My Burdens, God Don’t Like Ugly, The Upper Room, and the novella “Nightmare in Paradise” in Borrow Trouble. An avid traveler, Mary currently lives in Oakland, California.

List Price: $6.99





by Daaimah S. Poole, Miasha, Deja King & T. Styles

Dafina Books

In this unforgettable collection of interconnected novellas from four of today’s hottest African-American authors, four young, hip, beautiful women in a Harlem brownstone discover they have more in common than their address.

Dior is a woman with a taste for the finer things in life. So far she’s got the job and the apartment. Now she needs the man, and she hopes she’s met him on the Internet. She’ll find out on Valentine’s Day. Party promoter Tamara is opening a hot new club—and hoping to break her family’s tradition of failed marriages. But is dating three different men the best strategy? Cloe is a BAP on the career track. But just as she’s up for a big promotion, her boyfriend gives her an ultimatum. And casting director Mona-Lisa avoids relationships.

But when a tragedy changes her attitude, she’s compelled to spend a special day with a man from her past. Yet she’s overlooked some crucial details.

As these women come together at a local club on Valentine’s Day, secrets are revealed that will forever change their lives.

“Four talented authors create one story with four parts that flow effortlessly together...quite memorable, and there’s a lot of laughter.” —RT Book Reviews on Diamond Playgirls

“The voice of a new generation.” —Karen Quinones Miller on Daaimah S. Poole

Daaimah S. Poole was born and raised in Philadelphia and graduated from Temple University with a degree in journalism. She wrote her first novel, Yo Yo Love which became an Essence® bestseller, at the age of 19.

Miasha worked as a fashion model before graduating from Temple University with a degree in Communications.

Deja King is the author of the highly successful Bitch series and also writes under the name Joy King.

T. Styles was raised in Houston, Texas. She learned about street life the hard way—she lived it—and now pours her experience into her writing. She now lives in Maryland.


List Price: $6.99





by Niobia Bryant
Dafina Books

Niobia Bryant will have readers on the edge of their seats with this sexy and provocative novel about a group of women who have one thing in common—their husbands’ betrayal.

Jaime, Renee, and Aria reside with their spouses in the affluent gated community of Richmond Hills, New Jersey, where they are best friends with their sexy, single neighbor Jessa. Trouble is, Jessa has just sent them a text message telling them that she has run away with one of their husbands. That message opens the door to each of the women’s unspoken insecurities about their marriages, as they recall incidents that hint that their husband is the one.

Loosely based on the classic movie A Letter to Three Wives, but with plenty of sass and surprises, Message From a Mistress will keep readers hooked to the very last page.

“The dialogue is credible, the struggles are emotional and empowering, and the storyline is memorable and entertaining. Niobia Bryant has enthralled her readers with another fast-paced poignant tale…” —Urban Reviews on Show and Tell

“Live and Learn is a drama-filled, action-packed, page-turning novel…” —The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

Niobia Bryant is the national bestselling and award-winning author of a dozen “Sexy, Funny & Oh So Real” novels. Currently she writes full time, splitting her time between New Jersey and South Carolina.


List Price: $14.00 - Price: $10.08 - You Save: $3.92 (28%)





by Carl Weber

Dafina Books

In his New York Times bestselling novel Something on the Side, Carl Weber introduced readers to the scandalous world of the Big Girls Book Club. In this fast-paced follow-up to that smash hit, the BGBC has a new chapter in Richmond, Virginia, but the biggest drama isn’t between the pages, it’s between the members themselves…

Welcome to the Big Girls Book Club, where only one rule applies: Members must be at least a size 14. Sisters and original BGBC members Isis and Egypt have left New York for Richmond, where Isis is happily married and living in the lap of luxury. Her sister Egypt has moved in to get away from her past, which isn’t easy when her ex is Isis’s husband, Rashid. Then Isis asks Egypt to make a giant sacrifice—to become a surrogate and carry her and Rashid’s baby. . .

New BGBC member Loraine Farrow is one of Richmond’s most successful women, but she has a secret that she feels could ruin her. Jerome is Loraine’s personal secretary and the only male member of the BGBC. He’s openly gay and never had a problem with it, until Loraine asks him to do a favor that will change his life. . .

“Something on the Side will surprise you over and over again with plot twists, character curves and stunners all over the place.” —The Observer

“You’ll fall in love with the members of the Big Girls Book Club…As he did in previous page-turners, Weber keeps the action moving while giving us some surprisingly touching moments that will make you pause just long enough to reach for a tissue.” —Essence® on Something on the Side

“Weber keeps things tight and funny; readers with a bent for the bootylicious will certainly want to pick this one up.” —Publishers Weekly on Something on the Side

“Weber delivers a soap opera-style cautionary tale of promiscuity and lust . . . twisty and entertaining. This trashy page-turner should give fans what they want.” —Publishers Weekly on Up to No Good

“His writing always brings heat—along with multilayered characters, unexpected twists and a gripping ending. The characters are better than any soap opera.” —Romantic Times on Up to No Good

Carl Weber is the New York Times bestselling author of Up to No Good, Something on the Side, The First Lady, So You Call Yourself A Man, The Preacher’s Son, Player Haters, Lookin’ for Luv, Married Men, and Baby Momma Drama. He lives in New York.

List Price: $24.00 - Price: $14.04 - You Save: $9.96 (42%)



by De’nesha Diamond, Erick S. Gray, & Nichelle Walker

Dafina Books

The Duchess of Street Lit, De’nesha Diamond, Essence® bestselling author Erick S. Gray, and rising star Nichelle Walker team up for a gritty, compelling three-novella collection about women who are dead-set on getting everything they want. . .

Ex-convict Delvon Jackson is sure there’s no way a high-rolling woman like Sabrina Walker would give him the time of day. But Delvon is exactly what Sabrina needs. . .

ERICK S. GRAY Put ‘Em in Their Place
Young, beautiful Cha knows her drug lord father was set up by his right-hand man, Ya-Ya. And when she spots him at the club where she dances, she finally has an opportunity to avenge his death. . .

When Kandie, the daughter of a notorious street hustler, meets model scout Misty, she becomes the number one video girl. But soon she wants what Misty has—even if it means taking Misty down. . .

De’nesha Diamond is the award-winning, national bestselling author of more than twenty previous novels. She lives in Georgia.

Erick S. Gray is the Essence® bestselling author of the popular urban sex-comedy Bootycall *69. His other novels include Ghetto Heaven, Money, Power, Respect, Nasty Girls, and It’s Like Candy. He is also the owner/founder of Triple G Publishing. Erick was born and raised in Jamaica, Queens.

Nichelle Walker hails from Chicago, Illinois. While on a three-week break from school, she wrote Doing His Time, which she released under her publishing company, NWHoodTales Publishing.


List Price: $15.00 - Price: $10.20 - You Save: $4.80 (32%)

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