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The Skin Iím In
by Jenelle


In her riveting new novel, The Skin Iím In, Jenelle uses fictional characters to highlight an issue within the black community: skin tone.

Asia Washington is a dark-skinned black girl growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y. When she graduates high school, she moves in with her aunt, Lonnie, who is more like a sister to her because of their proximity in age. Trying to escape her fatherís strict rules, Asia settles in with Lonnie and begins to make a life for herself.

When Asia meets jazz musician Arthur Greer, she falls in love instantly and the couple move in together after a year of dating. After several months, Asia becomes pregnant. Sheís ecstatic and fervently hopes for a son. Unfortunately, she has a daughter and is not pleased Ė to say the least. Jenelle writes:

The problem was that Asia didnít particularly care for little girls. She didnít hate them, she just couldnít relate to them. When the doctor told her that sheíd given birth to a beautiful seven pound two ounce baby girl, Asia looked as if sheíd just been told she had the plague. And when she first held her, looking down at this beautiful little girl with the light skin and the curly black hair, Asia cried for hours. As a matter of fact she cried for damn near two weeks after she came home from the hospital.

Naming the little girl Imani, Asia assumes that the childís light skin will darken as she grows older. Much to her dismay, this never happens and over time Asia pays less and less attention to her beautiful daughter, harboring a strong resentment over her light skin. Every time she looks at Imani, all Asia can see is a reminder of all the people who had picked on her and harassed her for her dark skin, particularly in high school.

The Skin Iím In follows Asia, Imani and Lonnie throughout the years. Jenelle weaves the details of their lives with a social commentary on racial disparities within the black community. Readers will identify with a relatable cast of supporting characters and find themselves drawn in by their stories. Follow them as they learn to love themselves for who they are in the pages of The Skin Iím In.

Jenelle is the youngest of five children and was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. In 1988, she relocated to Silver Spring, Md., where she still resides today. Jenelle works as an accounts payable assistant for a major newspaper. The Skin Iím In is her first book, and she is currently at work on Sylviaís Boys, to be released in summer 2010. And Words And Music, to be released in spring of 2011.


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